Hisense 558HG Windows 10 LAN media sharing problems


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I am having some issues that have started lately that I did not have when I set this up. I am streaming to two devices. My Hisense 558HG and a Roku 4k Roku Premiere. I have a Gigabit LAN connection on my motherboard, 16 gigs of ram. The computer is plenty fast. I can play HEVC and X265 files that are 80 GB plus with no problem. My internet speed is fiber 220/220 mb. I can stream wirelessly, to the Roku, these 80 GB plus files with no skipping or buffering. When I set this up, I had no problems streaming to my Hisense 558HG. Then I started noticing that the TV would either say the file was unplayable or skip so bad that these bigger files were unwatchable when I had already streamed these files through the Hisense before with no issues.

Nothing has changed with hardware or software. My Hisense just will not play these files anymore and sometimes it will not play any video file and then it starts working again. I also did a speed test and got 218 mb down and 205 mb's up with an android tv app.. I cant find a way to test my LAN speed but the Roku in the front room plays all these files all the time. The modem/router is fiber optic and has the latest technology. I would give the name but all it has is the fiber provider and serial numbers. I can find it if you like.
I am stumped here guys and I hope someone can get me back to enjoying my Hisense 558HG. I will keep monitoring this thread so ask for more information about anything and I will get it. Thanks, HC

I can also stream any 4k programs included with netflix, etc on the Hisense.

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