Hisense 50A7500FT - some picture settings do nothing

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Hi all,

I bought this 50" TV new from John Lewis a couple of weeks ago. The picture seems fine, apart from some juddering which I will get into in a moment, but some things are bugging me about the Picture Mode Settings and I'm unsure if this is how it should be.

Firstly, there are three backlight settings: Off, Low and High. Toggling between these three options makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. I have tried selecting them on different picture modes, using uniform colour backgrounds etc. The option to change the backlight clearly does nothing. As it is I have found a picture quality I am happy with, whatever setting the backlight is defaulted to, but I would be interested to know if this is a fault or not.

Secondly, there are a number of Ultra Smooth Motion settings. This is more difficult to judge but again, as far as I can see, these settings do nothing. There is slight juddering on the screen whatever I do - especially noticeable in sport. In fact I can rewind and play the same bit of action and the TV handles it in the same way showing the same juddering every time. Every setting shows the same juddering. I can resolve this problem by toggling on the Gaming Mode, though that is at the expense of a sharper picture. Only then does the juddering disappear and that is how I watch my sport now. Not ideal - and what sort of motion smoothing creates more juddering?

The other Picture Mode Settings appear to work well as far as I can see (maybe not Adaptive Contrast but who knows what that does?)

So is this something I can solve myself? Is this simply because this an OS that is designed for a range of Hisense TVs with my model simply being one of the cheaper ones that isn't able to be controlled by everything in the menu? Or is the TV faulty?

Many thanks.


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Ok, In terms of picture settings, the number one thing you should do is go to settings, system, hdmi and CEC, then change hdmi 2.0 format to enhanced. That will ensure 4k content with hdr. Second thing is decide whether you want the settings just for one source or all sources. I would initially choose all sources then if you problems with one source, tweak the settings for that hdmi port separately and then apply current source only. For backlight, it just means dynamic backlight, something to do with local zones, so you won't notice difference unless it is using local dimming for gaming or something specific. All processing options turn off. Adaptive contrast, noise reduction, mpeg noise reduction, ultra smooth motion. ALL off. They ruin the picture quality and are only intended for show rooms to draw people to darker blacks and lighter whites. The TV you are using doesn't have the nits to have seriously good hdr so the TV tries to cheat using pictures processing at the cost of much detail and colour. On your model I would set brightness to 50, contrast 100, colour 50, sharpness 25. Turn off ALL other processing options. Set HDR to Standard. On Gaming sometimes it's better to set it to HDR Dynamic, but rarely. Game mode, will improve input lag and is a must if you are gaming. There are a couple more settings you can change on expert like keeping colour gamut to auto instead of native. If you want any help, just give me a message. Hope this helps. Regards Benjamin

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Thank you for this fellow Benjamin!

There was a firmware update this weekend and it seemed to have resolve most of the issues I raised. The adaptive contrast does now make a visible change (though I probably won't use it). I just watched some football and the juddering has stopped so perhaps my off setting for the ultra smoothing seems to now be in effect - this is great as I don't have to switch to gaming mode with a softer picture. The backlight still appears to have no effect but as you suggest it may not be noticeable anyway, and isn't necessarily desired.

I can't find an HDR setting, but I have changed everything to enhanced. This doesn't really change anything but I hadn't noticed that possibility before so thanks and that will avoid my confusion if and when I try to get 4k working!

I will experiment with your suggested picture settings and see if I prefer that to the ones I set up.

Thanks again!


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Contrast Set to 100 destroys detail in image maximum 55
I had the Hisense 65AE7400FTUK and I found clipping only occurred at 95. I set it to 100 because anything less was too dark based on the 350nits it put out. On the model I had at 55 contrast it would be nearly pitch black, but on other models 55 is about right. I don't know the settings on this particular model but I think it's the same range. Issue could be when using SD or non HDR input, the picture will appear much brighter. All my content came through external sources using HDR. I've set the ps5 to non HDR before and the image was brighter but colour reproduction terrible.

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