hilarious diy electrics


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I saw this in a house this week, utterly unfathomable. ( Yes the socket works when plugged in).


I'm going to go against the grain here and at least acknowledge that whoever did it made sure they don't run an electric cable horizontally under plaster without any conduit.

Yes they clearly have no idea what to do but it is at least visibly 'safe'

Still hilarious though - don't get me wrong :)


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I had a similar thing in the house I moved into, with the extra socket mounted in a bedside cabinet. Needless to say it's gone now.


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Ha! , yes I would also imagine that there used to be a cabinet or similar in front of the socket at some point.

I would question if the cable was thick enough. It only looks like 0.75 or 1mm, so probably not really suitable for a 3KW load.


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Had exactly the same setup in my house when we moved in.

On reflection though how is it much different from a fused spur off a socket??


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1. Not fused
2. Current rating is too low
3. Cable is exposed


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Fuse in the plug though surely (I'm not for a second saying it's sensible)?

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