Hikvision DVR Line Crossing (Analogue Cams)


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I'm a relative novice to some of the features of the Hikvision box I have (7216 HUHI-K2), but I'm having a nightmare with some of the features.

I have 15 analogue cameras from CCTV-Global attached. I usually access the DVR through the ivms-4200 app on my Mac.

I have decided to start trying to use line crossing facility as I'm getting masses of activations due to rain, spiders, etc but the cameras aren't set to a high sensitivity and don't even always trigger for our cats walking past them.

So I have disabled motion detection completely on the two cameras I mention below...

Anyway, there seem to be 2 ways to access line crossing in Ivms.

1. on the main screen there is an event management tab where I can select the camera, and then the event type as line crossing - you seem to be able to change everything here except for draw the lines weirdly. This is disabled.

2. I can go to Device Management > Remote Config > Event > Line Crossing and pick the camera. This I have enabled, and then drawn my lines.

I could tell it was working as when I watch the live view, I could see the lines turning red. Also I messed around and activated the "notify surveillance centre" and every time something crossed the line it seemed to appear in "Alarm Event" section and send me an email.

The only issue was, it wouldn't record the footage. I read online you must change the storage schedule to all day under the storage schedule tab (I did this and it started recording constantly). So I changed it back to Event template.

Bizarrely it suddenly started working and recording the line crosses.

So I tried at add it to a 2nd camera. Again, it works and would notify me by email and in the Alarm Event tab, but again it won't record. Nothing I try seems to work, although the first camera is still recording line crosses fine. I have no idea what the issue is. The alarm tab is also weird as the camera that is recording line crossing seems to have a little play icon that takes you to a live view of the camera (not sure why that is of use, I'd rather see the recorded footage). The camera that isn't recording the line crossings, doesn't have the little play symbol.

I also don't understand the difference between the two different ways of accessing line crossing (or all event types for that matter) and why you can't draw lines on one of them and can leave it disabled.


My other issue is Intrusion Detection. It is the only other option I can enable (apart from motion detection and line crossing). It lets me enable it, draw a box, configure the time, etc. It lets me save it fine also. When I then go to a different camera, and come back to the one I just configured - it has disabled it and no box exists.

Any help would really be appreciated.

I have attached pictures of the settings (both in Event Management, Device Configuration)

Thanks so much


  • CCTV Main Road Event Mgmt.png
    CCTV Main Road Event Mgmt.png
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  • CCTV Alarm Events.png
    CCTV Alarm Events.png
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  • CCTV Cars Right Storage Schedule.png
    CCTV Cars Right Storage Schedule.png
    452.7 KB · Views: 33
  • CCTV Cars Right Event Mgmt.png
    CCTV Cars Right Event Mgmt.png
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  • CCTV Cars Right Remote Config.png
    CCTV Cars Right Remote Config.png
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  • CCTV Main Road Storage Schedule.png
    CCTV Main Road Storage Schedule.png
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  • CCTV Main Road Remote COnfig.png
    CCTV Main Road Remote COnfig.png
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