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Hi Guys

So I've been reading about CCTV. From what I have read IP cameras seem to be the way forward and I have chosen the following

Hikvision DS-7604NI-K1-4P(B) | 4 Channel Network Video Recorder

NETGEAR GS105E-200UKS 5-Port Gigabit Smart Managed Plus Switch, Prosafe Lifetime Protection

I'm definitely considering the dome to put outside the front door. But from what I've read is that a Turret camera has better day and night quality compare to the Bullet?

Also I was recommended the Turret at 5mp. But I noticed there's a 8mp one too.....which one should I consider? There s a £40 difference.. ...

Hikvision DS-2CD2085FWD-I 8MP Mini Bullet Network Camera

Hikvision DS-2CD2545FWD-I 4MP Mini Dome Network Camera

Hikvision DS-2CD2355FWD-I 5MP Turret Network Camera

HIKVISION - DS-2CD2385FWD-I (2.8mm) - 4K - Mini Dome Outdoor - IP CAMERA LINEA 2

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5 MP resolution is more than enough for most domestic applications. Doubling your pixel density will double the space that it takes up on your HDD. You will need a HDD for your NVR, I would recommend a Western Digital Purple 4TB or above.

Your NVR has a POE switch built in to connect your cameras directly to so unless you need the switch for other purposes you can wire your NVR straight to a port on your broadband / cable router.

Personally if you are installing 4 cameras now, there is a strong liklihood that you will want more. Order an 8 camera NVR, it isnt much more and leaves you some expandability without having to change your NVR

What are the aperture sizes of your other cameras? Do they have the correct focal length / field of view for your locations?


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Hi thank you for the reply.

I am looking to install 2 cameras, and maybe 1 more further down the line but no more.

I was told to install a mini dome as the IR reflection wouldn't white out the faces.

Also on the side of the house I was looking to install a turret 2.8mm to overlook the driveway and side alley. The Turret camera will be installed on a wall bracket....i assume I can move the Turret camera manually if needs be?

I wasn't sure about the 5mp or 8mp turret. I was looking to get a 2TB hard drive. How many days recording could I hold on this?

I will require a POE switch as the upstairs camera will be powered by this. I have one wire from this room going downstairs where the NVR will be.

Eventually if I put a camera at the back I would need the Ethernet wire to be running from the side of the house.....can I cover this for protection???

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If you are running Cat5/6 outdoors you should use external grade cable. It is also wise to run it in conduit, to mechanically protect it.
I have a mini-dome covering my front door and get no reflection from it. The audio is also useful.
Generally i tend to use turrets over domes. I think that your HDD maybe a little small. Think about if you are on holiday for 2 weeks and you need to recover footage of an incident ?


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Thank you for the reply

Which model dome are you running? I was told the audio is pointless?

What kind of conduit would i require?

Very good point in re to the HDD -does 4TB allow me to record up to a month?


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I've got 6TB of HDD in my NVR currently and with 10 x 5MP cameras I get around 26 days recording at 2560x1920 H.265 - So you need around 25Gb per 5MP camera per day.

For 3 cameras, a 3TB HDD should then give you more than a months storage.

5MP cameras "should" provide you relatively clear images, but it does depend on what area and distance you need to cover. That 2.8mm option that covers around a 90 degree field of view should give you recognisable faces up to perhaps 10m (maybe a little less), but any more than that and you'll find the image looks quite pixellated as you zoom in. Work out the field of view you need and go for the longest focal length that you can get away with. If you do need a 2.8mm lens and want to have recognisable faces at 20m then probably the 8MP is the better option.


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Thank you for that. That is very helpful.

The IP camera I am looking to put on the second floor and the corner of the house (end terrace house we have) so this overlooks the alleyway and the driveway. So I believe a 2.8mm would work the best ideally I would like to have a clear picture up to the pavement as we have had cars in the past hit our car and drive off. So perhaps 8mp would be beneficial. I am told a turret camera on a wall bracket would be good for the cause.

Also if I can install a mini dome on the Porche would be ideal just need to determine how to remove the ceiling soffit and put the wire through .

As this camera will be near the door would it be ideal to have audio too?

I have noticed eBay seems cheaper for the IP cameras listed below. Would anyone advice against this? I know some people sell cheaper due to it because Chinese spec which I want to ultimately avoid.

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If you are seeing Hik cameras on eBay there is a 99% chance that these are Chinese imports and will not be upgradeable to U.K. firmware. Hik do not allow their U.K. dealers to sell on eBay.


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With regards to focal length, it depends what you mean by "clear picture". I have some of the 2.8mm options on camera covering large areas (30m - 40m), pictures are clear and give me just what I need to see what vehicles have been up to the house (we live at the end of a "track" that is a public bridleway), and show me if any walkers have strayed off the public right of way. I can read number plates, but couldn't necessarily identify the people who have walked through - but I don't need to.

I do wish to identify anyone that comes to my front door, but then they are coming within 2m of the camera, so again a 2.8mm is OK as it also give me a wide view in front of the front door.

Try not to put the camera too high on the second floor, hats and hoodies will stop you seeing faces. Mine are at around 2.8m high, so just out of easy reach, but still do not always get a clear view of a face.

I find the turret cameras get less rain on them as they generally have a little peak over the camera and typically face down a little. Domes in exposed positions will get water drops on the dome, which definitely spoils the view and will regularly need a wipe off. Under a porch, domes should be OK.

There's no harm in have a camera with a microphone, if you wish to record sound. There's more work to do to setup for two-way communication through if you want to use the camera as a videocom.

I wouldn't touch the the Chinese versions, you'll have Chinese menus. At one point you could load the EU firmware, but I'm not up to date on whether that is still possible.


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Ah ok, thanks guys you have all made very good points.

These are the two models I was looking at on eBay.....

HIKVISION 2.8mm DS-2CD2552F-IS 5MP Built-in-Mic MINI DOME IP CAMERA UK Stock | eBay


This guy is selling this model and was brought from graxuk.
Hikvision Embedded NVR DS-7600 Series 4 Channel Model DS-7604NI-K1/4P | eBay

If not EBay what sellers does anyone recommend?

Also it is clear I would like one turret and one mini dome.

But what megapixel should I go for and should I get a Mic for the mini dome.....? Can anyone recommend models please...


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Where do you think most CCTV cameras are made?

Well said.

Not just that but the vast majority of the components that go into anything built in any country security related or not. I doubt most people realise (or care to be fair) that almost everything they use has been built or made in China.

If you're worried about remote hacking of the CCTV from China or otherwise then simply don't put them online and/or monitor your connections to ensure camera data doesn't leave your network. If you're REALLY worried about security to that level you employ someone who knows what they're doing to advise.

It's my trade and I have Hikvision in my own house so even knowing what I do I don't worry about it. I'd suggest probably theres no need for you to either.



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For turret i would recommend DS-2CD2385FWD-I

Up to 8 megapixel high resolution
• Max. 3840 × 2160@20fps

2.8 mm fixed lens

• H.265, H.265+, H.264+, H.264

•120dB Wide Dynamic Range

• 3D Digital Noise Reduction

• DC12V & PoE (802.3af)

• IR range: up to 30m

• Support on-board storage, up to 128 GB

• IP67

•3-Axis Adjustment

Regarding the "made in China" debate ... all you need to worry about is the fact that it can be upgraded with English firmware.


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All Hik cameras are made in China. Some are made just for the Chinese domestic market and run a different firmware that cannot be upgraded to a European firmware. This can be problematic when security or feature upgrades are published. These are the ‘grey imports’ which are often seen on eBay.
As for security breaches, do you think Google or Amazon or Ring or Arlo etc, who all have cloud based platforms are 100% legit with your data?? Plenty of news out there of people ‘accidentally’ viewing somebody else’s data or hearing somebody else’s conversations.

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