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If you want to work out roughly what cameras you need, just use a top down plan of your house, work out where you want to cover and roughly how far away then use a basic camera angle template


That will give you an indication of what area a camera will cover. Then use a basic distance guide


Which is about the distance that you can identify a person. If a single camera wont give you the distance and angle then you need more cameras.

The mistake most people make is thinking that they want to resolve people at 20m away and pick the wrong camera. Generally for domestic CCTV you want to resolve people on and near your property so an f4 is generally a good starting point, except for down the sides of houses, where you have a camera mounted on a back corner and you are looking to a front corner, then an f6 is probably your best bet. Also dont believe how far in-built IR will illuminate when its very dark, you are pushing it at 10m - so the limits of an f6.

With a google earth image or a plan of your house and a bit of practice its pretty easy to work out field of view and distance - remember you also have to take camera height into consideration. First floor, floor height (3m ish) is a pretty good height for domestic CCTV as it gives good angles and does not increase the distance too much.

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