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    Calling all game and emulator lovers.. A new highscore site is here and ready for some punishment.

    Its a different approach from the more serious sites - all you need to do is post a screenshot of your score in this forum-based site. Hold your own competitions there, long or short and for just about any game EVER!!

    We have a trophy system so that the people who post alot of scores can really show off.. plus there will be monthly competitions to get your teeth into.

    I should state that this site will be more fun for average and beginner players than it will be for the pro record breakers. This is not a world record keeping site or anything that serious - its for keeping your personal scores and having fun challenging mates' scores. So come and take a look and before you know it you'll be getting into those classic games like you never have before!!!



    P.S. If you are concerned about the possibility of cheating goto http://www.vpforums.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&postid=243199#post243199 where you will find alot of answers in my last lengthy discussion on that subject.

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