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Highlander 2


ashley duggan

Anyone know which version is in dts discrete or dts matrix,also which version is a new updated one with another 19 mins added.I buy my dvds from movietyme and they list 2 versions,but which is which?


Established Member
Renegade has extra 19 minutes and 6 channel discrete DD...

Quickening has DTS-ES 6.1, 2 discs and loads of specials...but looks like not the directors cut.

I had the Renegade version turn up this week, I would rather have the directors cut than any other extras and the original version :)

Rambo John J

Distinguished Member
the 2 disc version's got dts6.1 ES, it's the directors cut but with (this is straight off the box in my hand) 100 new and updated visual sfx shots, plus a 2nd disc of extras with documentary etc. Apparently the new fx are much more what Russell Mulcahy had in mind when they made it, but then they all say that, don't they :rolleyes:
IMHO it's the one to go for, I've had both but didn't see much point in holding onto the old version with the original directors cut. The fx in the updated d/c version are much less hokey, and I imported it for a pittance. Being a 24p High Def transfer aswell, it looks better than the older version. I'd go for this one unless you really need those less-than-convincing matte shots

ashley duggan

So Conn says the Quickening has dts es but not the director's cut of 19 mins,and Rambo says the dts version is the director's cut.What i'm hoping for is a version in dts with the 19 mins,but i'm still confused.Dvd compare web site says the S E version ( lion's gate) is the one to have but is that one called the quickening or renegade?


Established Member
Ok... the one I own, as described on the packaging, is

Highlander 2 Renegade Version The Director's Cut

Digitally remastered and re-edited with over 19 minutes of additional footage

Original ratio of 2.35:1

THX certified

AC-3 encoding

Audio commentry by Russell Mulchay and Bill Panzer/Peter Davis

H2: To Be Or Not To Be...A Sequel? New Documentary created for this release about the need for a Renegade version.

Behind-the-sences photos.

Running time 109 minutes/22 minutes (featurette), Republic Pictures, distributed by Artisan.

Barcode 017153114904

"The original 35mm dialogue, music and FX tracks were reconformed and new sound effects and music were added for the new scenes and dialogue as needed. From these a new 24 track master was created. This formed the foundation for the 5.1 (6 channel discrete) AC-3 Dolby Surround track."

The "Quickening" has been removed from the title as all reference to it has been removed from the film in the re-edit...as has the piece about the immortals being from the planet Zeist. The insert lists 42 new/changed scenes.

Hope this helps. I was going to watch this tonight but unfortunatly managed to destroy my player in the process of trying to make it multi-region :eek: Hope that helps a bit. I don't own the other version so won't comment.

Rambo John J

Distinguished Member
ours are both the directors cut - both are 109 mins long with 19 minutes extra

Conn's version is the older release of the extended version

Rambo's is the 2 disc Lions Gate (newest) release. It loses the commentary but gains dts 6.1, new re-done fx, new remastered transfer, new longer documentary, other new extras


Disc 1
Enhanced and Reimagined Visual Effects: Over 100 new and improved special effects produced by the film's original visual effects designer using the latest in digital technology.
"The Deconstruction of Highlander 2": When prompted by an on-screen icon, the viewer can choose to be taken to an alternative video stream that reveals the making of that scene. Once finished, the viewer will be taken back to the point in the film from which he left. This feature utilizes never-before-seen footage.

Disc 2
Highlander 2: Seduced By Argentina: A Collection Of New Documentaries: Original Documentaries featuring interviews from director Russell Mulachy, star Christopher Lambert, the producers, editor, special effects designer, production designer and more.
- The Redemption Of Highlander 2: An in-depth look at the creation of the original and new digital visual effects of Highlander 2. Hosted by visual effect designer Sam Nicholson.
- The Music of Highlander 2: A look at the music of Highlander 2. Hosted by the film's music composer Stuart Copeland.
- The Fabric Of Highlander 2: Insight into the design of the costumes for Highlander 2. Hosted by costume designer Deborah Everton.
- Shadow & Darkness: The Cinematography Of Highlander 2: A look at the cinematography of Highlander 2. Hosted by director of photography Phil Meheux.
Original Cannes Film Festival Promotional reel

UPC #: 01715314827

ashley duggan

Thanks for your help Conn and Rambo, i'm going for the SE version in dts.What's confusing is that Movietyme advertises the SE dts version as The Quickening but when you enlarge the picture of the dvd on their web site you can't see the Quickening mentioned.Do you agree?

Thanks again.


Established Member
I spent a long evening browsing the bargain section on Movietyme - never even knew it existed so pounced when I saw the cheap version :D

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