Highest speed 200 Mhz FSB AMD CPU ?

Chris Muriel

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As title.
I want to upgrade my son's CPU on his Soyo SY-K7VTA-B mobo.
He currently has an 800 MHZ Duron fitted.
According to Soyo's website, the board (with its socket 462 CPU slot AKA Socket A) will take AMD Thunderbird or Duron up to 1.4GHz.
However, the fastest 200 FSB CPU I can find mentioned is 1.3 GHz Tbird and I can't find any for sale - 'cos they're basically obsolete.
The Durons from 1GHZ upwards all seem to be higher FSB anyway.
So it seems the highest ever made (that would work in this board)was a 1.3 GHz, 200 FSB Tbird - if I only I could locate one.
Tried 3 local PC shops in case they had 1 knocking around.

Any suggestions ?
Has anyone got 1 in a draw that they would part with for a small sum ?

Chcirs Muriel, Manchester


Have you checked the manufacturers website for a bios update, they might support a higher fsb now.

Failing that you may be able to use a faster processor at a lower fsb but up the multiplyer so that it runs at the right pace.

Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
The multiplier trick might work.
I got the info that told me I couldn't go higher than 200 FSB from Soyo's website - so that part is correct.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.


I have an old abit board that was only supposed to go up to 1300, but is running quite happily with an xp1800.

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