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Highend LCD: Löewe Spheros R 32 DR+ or Samsung LE-32M61B



Im looking for at extremely good LCD with great design and digital recording+DVD recording and HDMI Out, from the same manufacter. Until know I have only seen Loewe and B&O with great black color design (in my opnion).

Loewe Spheros R 32 DR+ cost around EUR 4199 with digital recording (2 turners as I know) and DVB-T and DVB-C included. Löewe DVD-Recorder Centros 2102 HD (HDMI-Out) costs separately EUR 599. It all looks very great and I also hope the the piture quality is graet and so, because it is a totally new LCD-panel and the price is high and the former models have had great reviews. Audio should be great 2x40 watts, sorrund sound and so on.

But now, I also see that Samsung come with a brand new LCD, LE-32M61B (and DVD-HR725 Recorder//HD/HDMI-Out - totally priced around 3.000 EUR). with a accaptable black design (but the Loewe is still a lot niceer in design I think). So im still in love with Loewe...

Anyone knows what LCD would have the best picture quality for TV and normal use?

If im only looking at these specs Samsung is to preffer:
Contrast 5.000:1 (Loewe only 800:1 !)
Responce time: 8 ms (Loewe 12 ms)
Brightness: 550 (Loewe 450)

Im confused what to buy?

Hope to hear from you.
Thanks, Jens


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There is no better LCD on the planet than the Loewe Spheros R37 - but don't get confused between the outgoing Spheros 37 and the Spheros R37. The latter is considerably cheaper - by nearly 50% - and comes with HDMI rather than just DVI.

However, in the new year, expect Loewe to release new models with built-in high definition television tuner (see their website for further details).


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it has to be the loewe !
the latest model has the new image+ tech' .
its a great product.
the spheros range is probably the finest range of lcds on the market right this minute.
if your going to buy this product then get isf calibrated,its worth it !

good luck


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The DR+ is great on paper but in reality it is poorly implemented. I have the Xelos SL with DR+ and D-TV/D-Sat tuners. The DR+ software is the latest so I suspect exactly the same as on Spheros R. The TV software is also the latest for the 2550 chassis but I suspect the Spheros R is the 2600/2650 (as in the Xelos A series) which is quite different. You mention that the R has 2 tuners - make sure it s 2 digital tuners and 2 digital decoders. I also have the Cenros 1102 which I guess is the forerunner to the 2102.

Here are my comments of DR+ in my scenario. It is worth checking if they apply to the Spheros R.

1. The D-TV/D-Sat has two digital tuners but one digital decoder - it does also have 2 analogue tuners. Thus you cannot record 1 digital channel and watch another digital channel, even if one is on D-TV and the other on D-Sat. Likewise, you cannot PIP two digital channels.

2. When the DR+ starts to record, it chanes the TV channel to the channel being recorded. I can understand why - it only has 1 digital tuner but it even does this when watching an analogue channel or external source. Nothing like watching a DVD and having the channel changed beneath your feet. It does not happen if recording an analogue channel or external source from what I recall.

3. I also have the Pace Twin which, IMO, when it works, has a great and responsive user interface. The user interface on the DR+ is a mess and can be totally un responsive. For instance, skipping over adverts. On the pace, it is easy to ff and stop at exactly the right place. On the DR+, you eith ff so slot to be not worthwhile or you over shoot by many minutes. Trying to rewind often produces the same results. I have recently enabled bookmarking which implies that bookmarks are automatically placed at 'n' minute intervals as defined by the user - I have set mine at 1 minute intervals. My unserstanding of bookmarks is that they would have been added at the time of recording so going to next bookmark would have taken you up to a minute forward. Thankfully, this is not the case and it appears to be a 'n' minute skip function so you can skip 'n' minutes forward or back at a time. I leave mine on the finest setting '1' minute so I can skip forward or back in minute intervals. Pressing it 4 times skips about 4 minutes 10 seconds. Not ideal.

4. If you have used another user interface, its all different buttons for each stage of doing something. Like to delete a recording, you have to hit something like red, yellow, OK, OK, end. It doesn't sound counter intuitive but it is and you need to keep an eye on what option you are performing as it is too easy to delete something rather than archive something - red, red, ok, ok.

5. PQ is very good and more than acceptable for soaps etc at lowest quality setting. But for normal use 1 use 1 off the best setting which gives results that are hard to tell the difference from the original.

6. Archiving multiple items from recording library is a hit and miss affair. It is impossible to say archive a series in chronological order.

7. When archiving multiple items, the TV turns on after the first recording. So it is not possible to archive multiple recordings overnight without being woken up in the middle of the night with the TV being turned on and showing feedback or random garbage on the TV. Becuase of #6, I don't do this often.

8. The connection setup wizard expects the DVD-R to be connected via RGB SCART. If you put something else on the RGB SCART, ie DVD player, you cannot connect a video recorder that can be used to archive from the DR+. The original Xelos SL and Spheros only have 1 RGB SCART (although component input can be configured for RGB)

9. When archiving from DR+ to DVD-rw, it sets a timer recording 4 minutes into the future. So if you are checking the recoding, you need to wait 4 minutes before it starts.

10. The 1102 is an LG DVD player with Loewe software. It is utter [email protected] I am awaiting a replacement unit as it has a 10% success rate when recording to DVD-RW and has destroyed at least one of my discs. Loewe have admitted this fault with both my unit and others. Thankfully my 1102 was free with the TV otherwise it would have been returned for a refund long ago. Hopefully the 2102 is better and can record dual layer.

11. The 1102 can only record in composite video. Even worse, as mentioned in #8 above, it expects to playback on RGB SCART so you loose the only RGB SCART Input for no benefit.

12. The DVI-I input on the Xelos SL/Spheros media box is in a compromised position. There have been issues with the mechanical connection of this socket in some installations causing HDCP to intermittently fail. I have been one of the unlucky ones and have been recommended useing a different cable.

I think that is about it. The original Spheros is a great unit whose superior optics but identical electronics make it a better unit than the original Xelos SL. According to Loewe UK, when pushed, they say that the Xelos SL is still better than the Xelos A series even though A series has true HDMI rather than DVI-I. It may be worth checking to see if the Spheros R series is indeed better than the original Spheros, but then, it does appear to be significantly cheaper.

But otherwise, if you can afford a BMW, why buy a Ford - go for the Spheros but be careful what options and accessories you decide to get. You will definately do cheaper elsewhere (ie external STB with PVR) and probably do better. FWIW, I still use my Pace Twin in preference to the DR+. I only use my DR+ when I am away and want to be more sure that I will get the recording and need the longer recording time.



THANKS for the quick replys and the specified from Ian.

Not good with the DR+, - I hope it have been better in the new model. A couple of replys to Ian because I think its not the case anymore (according to the marketing people at Loewe as I understand!).

1) According to the specs:
"DR+ with dual DVB; Watch one digital channel whilst recording another".
"In addition, with DR+, it is possible to record a digital programme while
simultaneously watching another digital programme. For, with Dual-DVB, two
digital programmes can be received simultaneously.

3+4) "With the new Assist+ user guide, all Loewe flat-screens which are equipped with the Digital+ platform can be operated logically and intuitively via a new, on-screen menu with an even clearer structure. Assist+ also comprises the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), with which DVD recorders, for example, can also be conveniently programmed."

10+11) Centros 2102 HD:
"Double Layer Aufnahme (DVD+R)"
"HDMI ausgang"

12) Spheros R 32:
"HDMI including HDCP"

And a new question:
When I have both DR+ intregrated in the LCD and also DVD-recorder Centros 2102 will it be possible to record two TV-programs at the same time as you see it?

And what I can see no-one yet would prefer Samsung just because the specifications says otherwise?

Thanks again,


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That being the case, it looks like they have hopefully addressed all the original models short commings.

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