High Street finally getting behind plasmas

Tim Ashdown

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Looking in Dixons in Wimbledon, I saw the Hitachi 32" for £2500, which is even undercutting Empire Direct. They had the new Samsung 42 for £3000 and are selling the Pioneer 43" for £6000. This appears to be great prices for a high st store. John Lewis sell the Pioneer for £6500 for example. I think this is the first step that will drastically reduce the prices in specialist stores and bring plasmas until the realms of affordable!


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I saw them starting to unpack a Samsung plasma in my local Dixons. So, I went back in a few days later, expecting to see it switched on and showing:

a 4x3 image, supplied from a ropey aerial, via a signal sharer (ghosting, grainy etc) in 16x9 mode ie stretched horizontally OR

an in-house advert DVD, fed via a composite feed, similarly distorted.

I was disappointed. It was on display, but wasn't switched on at all.

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