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Hey guys I am working on a large (220 apartments) high spec residential project that requires all the bells and whistles and I was wondering what systems you guys could recommend mainly in terms of home entertainment systems but anything along those lines. I am mechanical (I design vent/ac etc) and am just interested to see if there are any systems out there that you think would be ideal etc that I can put them forward to our ITC department as we are trying to offer a choice to our client. Feel free to put your company forward if you have one!!

Below is an extract from the description for a typical apartment:

Individual apartments will be equipped with a home entertainment services infrastructure. Each apartment will be provided with a home entertainment cabling system suitable for TV, music, telephone and data distribution.

This facility will be made available to the apartment occupiers to allow them to mount their own home entertainment (amplifiers, DVD, radio tuners etc.) equipment in and interface it with the “wired only” system proposed.

The anticipated sale / rent value of the apartments is assumed to be such that each purchaser / renter will require a medium to high level of audio & visual source and control equipment, along with high end integrated control and controllable light scenes (by others).

The proposed systems’ cable infrastructure solution will be sufficiently flexible that an apartment occupant can decide to use their own equipment or consider purchasing an optional system / components that may use / supplement the installed cabling system.

All of the systems will be patchable and be of the correct specification to control all voice / data, analogue / digital audio and video distribution within each dwelling.

Occupants will be able to select if they require a multiroom audio / home entertainment option so that they are able to operate the equipment from any area with a keypad

The system will be designed to accommodate a surround sound set up with a potential full range of sources (VCR, DVD, satellite, cassette etc.) and plasma / High Definition digitalTV display.

The apartment occupiers will be able to install a telephone system patched directly into the Apartment / Penthouse Augmented Category 6 (“Category 6a”) cabling system via the domestic patch panel within each Apartment / Penthouse electrical / home entertainment cupboard.

Outlets will be in the form of RJ45 data outlets wired back to the electrical / home entertainment cabinet. All sockets will be suitable for telephony and an Ethernet based Local Area Network (LAN) home network that may be used for any computers (PC’s), printers and other peripherals connectivity in the home.

Satellite dishes will be installed on the roof of Vauxhall Tower subject to planning application (by others) constraints. In addition to terrestrial / Freeview channels, the installation will provide the standard Sky satellite services and foreign satellite channels such as available from the Astra satellite.

The system will allow for both satellite, including High Definition TV and terrestrial reception and will be designed to receive all current and future proposed digital and analogue services.

As a minimum all apartments’ analogue / digital audio visual (“TV”) services will be cabled with CT100 coaxial cable (or equal and approved).

In the case of the master locations, 3 number minimum CT100 coaxial cable runs will be provided from the home entertainment cabinet. Additional High-Definition digital TV cabling will supplement the TV positions where specified and be wired with an HDMI cable run back to the home entertainment cabinet.

The TV system to be installed will constitute an Integrated Reception System as defined by Sky Homes. This will offer choice to occupiers in deciding which television services to use. It will also enable the provision of interactive TV services including digital & analogue terrestrial, satellite digital, High Definition plus, FM radio, DAB radio and video provided from the video / intercom entry system.
The audio system will include star-wired 4-core 16-gauge loudspeaker cable run to loudspeaker positions. The high level cabling will be terminated. The low level cabling will be presented on a appropriate loudspeaker plate to allow an Occupant to retro fit speakers of their choice.

All audio cabling will be supplemented with two number Augmented Category 6 (Cat 6a) cable runs to the home entertainment cabinet location, to each speaker, and audi source location.

Wiring will be suitable for a Bang & Olufsen, Bose, Linn or Speakercraft (or equivalent) speakers and an audio access quality sound system.
All of the wiring will be installed such that, at a later date the apartment occupant can fit the appropriate equipment and wall mounted wired / wireless controls if they choose. The proposed audio system cable infrastructure must also be sufficiently flexible that an Apartment / Penthouse occupant can decide to use their own amplifier(s) and their own standalone speakers as required. The design will be based on the occupant fitting their equipment into the remaining space of the home entertainment cabinet.

Any recommendations appriceated even if it is "don’t use x they are crap"

The penthouses will be even high spec but I believe even more of the system will be left for the occupier to install.

Cheers For Any help



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Brian, You have a PM.

This is what I do for a living. We are not installers but specialist wholesalers and consultants. So I am happy to talk it through with you without any allegance to product or solution.

Last year we supplied a 166 flat renovation towerblock with tv, data and telephone as well as lighting control.

We are also just finishing off a smaller development of 18 houses with your spec of system and 18 flats with basic data, telephone and tv.

Hope to chat soon.



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WOW seems you have a serious job on your hands there int he US there is a standard for the wiring which is called CEA2030 i think wich is cat5e + 4 core speaker cables to each room wall location and then speaker (usually in ceiling) this can be ordered as single siamese cable for ease of wiring and the combination allows for maost systems to run (in terms of multiroom audio) if you wanted to include HD video distribution which is the top end stuff and the moment it gets more complex but the more cat5 you have the better. Be aware soem systems require FTP cable which is alot more expensive than UTP but when you need FTP nothing else will do. Depending on whose lighting & climate control your using depedns on the level of functionality you will get if you want an all sing and dancing central control for all systems ie music, video, security, lighting and climate then your choices are more limited assuming your speccing the systems but not supplying/installing them and considering that uptake may be slow ie people may wait a while before deciding they want them you may wish to limit the invesment to a level wich can be expanded on if necassary. ALso you can can account for taste and where ever you put the cables 50% will be in the wrong place as far as the client is concerned.


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Just a thought but try wiring to each window to supply power for possible electric window treatments (curtains/roller blinds/dim-outs) and maybe either wire these into a ring or individually back to a control point to give centralised control.

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