High Pitch Background noise when Laptop Connected to Sony STR DB925



Hi, I 'm a newbie and desperate for some advice on a complex problem.

Basically I have my laptop connected to my amp via the RCA cable and phonos. Currently a high pitch sound comes out the speakers when playing music via my laptop. This noise wasn't there until I purchased the below:

I have recently purchased the new 40W Sony Bravia, and also the RDR DVD Recorder that came with it. I also had to buy a digital coaxial cable for the player as sony have changed from the normal Opitical Digital output.

The noise stops in any of the following instances:

I remove the digital coaxial cable
I run the laptop on battery rather than ac.
I remove the bravia plug, If I switch off the power the noise resumes.

I have phone Sony Customer Services who forward me to their service centre who had no clue, other than mentioning ferrite magnets around cables to shield, but this has been tried.

Any ideas how to permanently fix the problem.

Many thanks

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