High mileage renault megane


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Hi im looking at getting a renault megane dynamique
its a 53 plate 1.9 diesel in black
my only worry is it has done 144000 miles.
It was serviced 4 months ago and has 12 months mot and tax
its only £1100
anyone got any knowledge about cars or meganes?



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I've had Renaults and they do not always last well. We bought 2 demos with 6000 miles on and within a year had changed 5 wheel bearings

However, having said that, they can be comfy, the motor may well be well ok with FSH if it has done motorway miles

Haggle a few hundred off it may be worth a punt


bad idea buying high mileage cars you will start getting problems

my mate had a diesel turbo 1.9 renault laguna 2000 reg and spent £1k in 1year due to parts and went for mot and they said to pass it be 1k so he sold it off

he nearly got hit by a lorry going down from lancashire to plymouth on motorway and is car locked up due to clutch fault which cost him alot to fix

had about 140k on clock
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bad idea buying high mileage cars you will start getting problems

That's one of the worst generalisations I've read on this forum in a very long time :)

High mileage is not necessarily a bad thing. A car that has done 100k miles, but the majority of that was cruising up and down motorways will have had a far, far easier life in every respect than a car that's done less miles but all city driving. You cannot simply say high mileage = bad idea.

Also factor in service history. Has the car been well cared for, warmed up and down correctly, had regular oil changes, been driven with mechanical sympathy and appreciation and generally looked after well? All of this is far more important than simply how many miles has it covered. A car with lower miles but driven and cared for badly will be a much greater risk than a higher mileage car that has been respected.

High mileage is just one of many considerations, it is not the most important one and cannot alone be used to judge a cars worth or risk.


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I'd buy on condition more than anything at this price. Service history and a gut feeling really is the best sway in your decision making.

Solomon Grundy

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Second hand parts are cheap for it I guess...personally I wouldn't touch it.


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Personally the high mileage wouldn't put me off (my car has doen 131,000 and is still running well).

I'd be more put off by the fact that it's a Renault...;)

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