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Hi all,
I have a Yamaha R-S202D amp and some Dali Spektor 2 speakers. I want to add a sub and this looks like good value SW-150 – WHARFEDALE.
There is speaker line in but not out so I guess I could send signal from the 'B' speakers on the amp to the sub and feed the speakers from the 'A'.
But there will be no crossover available to filter signal to the speakers. I can't seem to find anything suitable.

Any ideas?

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You don't need to filter the Dali speakers They will naturally roll off at the lowest frequency and you set the sub to cut in at that point.

You only need a high level crossover if you have a sub-satellite and you need to limit the bass energy to the main speakers. This is common in PA systems where you want to increase the power handling of the main speakers by diverting energy to the bass, but this does not follow for HiFi.


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The Dali Spektor 2 are rated at -

Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] : 54 - 26,000 Hz

That should be within the working range of the Crossover on the Subwoofer. So, I would set the Sub to cross in the roughly 50hz t0 55hz range.

You might want to edit your post, it say - I want to add this AMP .... SW150. You want to add a Subwoofer. Not that big a deal, I'm sure we all figured it out.

As suggested above, as the Front Speakers naturally roll-off, the Sub will come in and pick up the slack on the low end. This is what you would do for the smoothest integration.

That would be the starting point. However, some like to overlap the Front and Sub speakers. This creates an artificial, and somewhat unnatural bump the bass in the overlap area. Whether you like that or not is up to you to decide. But to start with, set the Sub at the natural roll-off of the Front speakers. Then you can work from there.

Now, it is possible to get High-Pass filters (crossovers) in the 70hz to 100hz range. I know you can get them in Europe but I don't have a source right now.

However, just to illustrate that such products exist, here is a link to a USA source -



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Thanks for the replies (and the hint to edit!)
I always thought it would be better to cut the Dalis at a slightly higher frequency so they didn't have to bother dealing with - say 100hz.
I saw those filters from parts-express but nothing similar locally.
I'll get the sub, follow your advice and see how we go.


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Ebay - UK -

Sorry, it is not clear if the first one is 80hz or 800hz, but you can find other options using the link. But you were looking for 100hz anyway.


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