High gain screens with Panny AE500?



Im looking to buy a screen for my Panny AE500.
Has anyone bought one of the DRH screens?
What would anyone suggest, matte white or high gain for the material? I know that the viewing angle is decreased by roughly 45 degrees with the high gain, but what are the full benefits?
Is the image twice as bright when reflected off the screen?



Well some of the disadvantages of a high gain screen with an LCD are:

1. Increased black level (i.e. "greyer" blacks)
2. Restricted viewing angle
3. Possible hotspotting

That's a reply I made on a similiar thread.

The image isn't or would not be twice as bright as a matte white/1:1 gain screen. Brighter certainly but with the above (possible) consequences.

Can't comment on the DRH screen you mention - haven't seen it.


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