High front speakers okay?


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I'm considering selling my Yamaha YSP 1100 and going for separates. However as we hope to move in a couple of years I don't really want to change things too much by mounting speakers on the wall etc, and want to keep the look uncluttered.

Therefore I was hoping to get some KEF eggs or similar for the front L & R, and place them in the top shelves, marked in the pic as orange squares. These would point inwards and downwards to the viewing position ~3.5 metres away. The TV would be wall mounted with the centre free standing. I could simply run the cabling inside the shelves at the back out of sight, down to the amp bottom right corner.

Would you kindly give me your thoughts whether this is an adequate solution please? I know ideally the front L & R should really be at ear level halfway up the screen, but I was hoping to get away with it if I targetted the sound downwards.

Unfortunately the YSP isn't doing it for me. :/ Thanks.

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hey i started a thread a little while back about the same issue.

have you been experimenting with the high position? can you tell much of a a difference?

my thinking is put my fronts high as well, but i don't have brackets yet so right now they are around tv height. in the next week or 2 i think i'll try to position them high but without the brackets and see if i can hear a difference.

my thinking was that even if they positioned high as long as they are angled toward the center it would be ok. because i see it as only adding a short distance between you and speakers. for me it's the same if your room was a bit longer and you had the speakers at tv height, it only changes the distance. but maybe i'm wrong?

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