High End Soundbar vs Proper System


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Hi guys

My current setup is a 5.1.2 powered by a Denon AVR-X4300:
Front LR: Sonus Faber Olympica I
Center: Olympica I
Rear LR: Def Tech Satallite Speakers
Ceiling: Def Tech In Ceiling
Sub: SVS-1000

I am selling off my Sonus Faber Olympica LR and Center speakers as I will be moving to a smaller home end of this year.

Over the year.. as much as I try to be, I am not an audiophile and can’t tell the difference between a good speaker and bad speaker/amplifier. I just want good surround for movies to feel realistic and I don’t listen to much music. 80% movies 20% music.

I am considering the following options and would love to get some advise from some of u experts:

I am considering the following options and would love to get some advise from some of u experts:

1. B&O Beosound Stage (???)
2. Sennheiser Ambeo (Fake Atmos?)
3. Bose Lifestyle 650 (5.1)
4. Bose Speakers with my Denon AVR (5.1)
5. BeoLab 18 with a Sub (2.1)

My priority is for it to look nice and in a small package. Any other suggestion is greatly welcomed.


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What's your overall budget mate? Also any chance you can upload a picture of the room your setup is going in, showing speaker/listening position etc?


If you can correctly place a surround sound speaker system then that is absolutely going to trounce a soundbar. If your TV can go in a central position on a wall and not stuck into a corner then you already have a good AV amp in the Denon. Position is everything.

Difficult to work with a budget given your location.


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Budget aside, which would be a better option ? Here is the floor plan. I don’t have pics as I’m waiting to collect the keys and renovate the place in June. Hence planning all the cabling if necessary.
The TV would be at the red area. Sofa would be placed on the 2100mm wall.


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The only possible issue I see for a full fat 5.1 surround system is the placement for the surround speaker near the window (on the 3575mm wall) Although it's not clear from the plan how much "wall" or space there is before the window near your seating position- so you could be okay. Especially if your surrounds are on stands.

Hope that makes sense! 😂


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Ok, so I've gone from a 9.1 some years back (full Dali Epicon, processor, power amps) to nothing, then to the Bose 700 soundbar, sub and rears. The Bose is much much better than TV sound as expected, however it does not come close to the immersive experience from a proper separates system.....so if your passion is movies, then don't make the same mistake I did....heck I still miss my old sub...used to shake me in my chair! BUT I am in the early stages of replacing it all anyway..so soon be boom time again :)

Sloppy Bob

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Thanks for the replies. In that case seems like the lifestyle 650 is The Best Bet !

For the same money as a Bose system you could buy an AVR and much better speakers.


Buy Other Sound Equipment

Some of their stuff is fine but their lifestyle systems are a massive triumph of marketing over susbtance.

Something like this, at half the price, would be far superior, and it's just one example. It would also give you Atmos audio.

Ideally, though, you'd switch out the sub for a better one as packaged subs are usually a bit poor and overpriced.

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