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quick question for you guys out there, what i would like to know is can you still get true High Definition when going through the component in? or is the only way to get true High Definition through the HDMI port?

Component Video is capable of carrying 720p/1080i but it's upto the device and the content whether it will let you or not. Americans have used component for HD for years.

It's rumoured with HD-DVD (or probably Blu-Ray) will only output HD through HDMI and component will be restricted to SD (480p).

Sky HD's first generation box will have component outputs but Sky have said that they can't guarantee that all channels will allow the use of component. Sky will allow component on their channels but Sky don't have control over most of the channels on their network.

I'm a bit annoyed since I layed the components cables for my projector under the floor 2 years ago and then fitted laminate flooring over the top of it. I thought component would be future proof, only to find out that since the invention of HDMI (and HDCP), it isn't.

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