high definition all in one systems?


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Anyone know of any or is there any in the pipeline?

something like this is (probably/hopefully) going to be my next purchase.


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Exactly. i am slavering over an arcam solo movie/ linn cinemajik type product but I guess i have to wait until a hd dvd cd sacd dvd-a dvd-v player is extant:lease:


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i cant find any news whatsoever of anything,not even rumours? i agree with the arcam solo movie unit.something like that with a hd dvd player would be awesome.

do you think it would really mean allot of reworking of the existing systems circuitry to incorporate a hd drive?

i suppose it must...:(


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nothing really announced on the blu-ray,hd-dvd all-in-one type systems.
apart from dvd players or systems with upscaling,or hdmi out,there isnt much.
besides,an all-in-one with a hd-dvd/blu-ray drive would cost around £400+.
i think you will have to wait a while for prices on drives to lower a bit.

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