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High def short throw projectors. Are they yet viable ?


I miss my projector.
Not had one since Panasonic pt2000 but with having daughter and needing change things in house it was difficult to fit it anywhere in the house

However I miss the big 100" or so screen when watching a film

So are short throw 1080p projectors viable ?

I guess I'd be looking at having the projector 12 to 18" from the wall the screen would be on


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There's a few about. BenQ have the W1070+ and a ultra short throw W1080ST. Both have pretty good reviews. Not sure they are available at the distance you need, but the 1080 will project a 100" diagonal image at 60"
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Cheers. I'm guessing as it would be a temp thing then nothing would stop me putting it in small table more central to room

Seen the it's a Sony and LG on horizon.

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