High Def Panel Fan Noise?



Just a quickie.

Am just about to take the plunge on a HD Panny panel, most likely the 50" as opposed to the 42".

I understand that these HD Panels use cooling fans!!! :suicide:

Any views on the noise levels from these during the average viewing session?

Are they barely noticeable, or bloody annoying? :eek:

Many thanks, Gerald. :)


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By all accounts they can be the most annoying noise in the world, silent, a slight hum, and non-existent, all with the same model panel. It's a combination of acoustic environment, hearing sensitivity, and whether the specific unit you get is better or worse in this regard.


Blimey. :(

Pot Luck? Thats a bit of a worry for circa £3.5K :eek:

Is there anybody here that has one of these that could express an opinion.

Thanks in advance, Gerald :)


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well I think you'll find Liam is spot on and his comment is based upon the many comments by owners in this forum about buzzing (search for buzzing). Personaly I'm in the camp of: I can hear it very close up but not in normal usage.


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i have the 42phd8 and can hear the fan whenever there is a silent moment in the film, my main worry is the fan will get noisier with age.
I wonder if it is a stock fan, like the type you can buy after market so can be home replaced. do you think a very noisy fan is a warranty call a few years down the line ?


My new PHD8 has less fan noise than the last one and the buzz/hum is less loud too. I think its pot luck.


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I had a PHD6 50" and the buzzing noise drove me :censored: nuts and I sold it at a big loss after just a few months...it sounded like I had a mad wasp in the room with me...I did try putting up some noise reduction foam on the wall beind it to help absorb the noise which did help a little...the fan was pretty silent though.

I think it really comes down to the individual as well as a friend of mine swore his panel was silent but sure enough when I paid him a visit it was just the same.

I have yet to find a plasma that does not not buzz...some are worse than others though. Tried an 50MXE1 recently which was a great deal better but still enough to annoy me...have since sold that also but not for that reason.

Cheers, Lee


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I have no buzz at all that i can hear only the fan sound


My old 42" PWD5 was totally silent.

The preceding demo model I borrowed (PWD4) drove me nuts with buzzing.

Oh dear. It's a lot of money to spend on pot luck. :rolleyes:

Regards, Gerald.


Hmmm, noisy panels. My PHD starts with the whoosh OK, and is then silent, (pause whilst I go and put my ear to it...) OK with my ear centre top of the panel, I can hear a kind of 'electrical whirr'. No way is it audible out in the room, you have to be there. None of my customers have ever complained about noisy panels, am I just lucky? It's a very difficult issue for us retailers, in your case, Gerald, I think we have a solution!


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I was watching Waking the Dead tonight @ approx 12-13' from my Fuji 50" and the panel noise intruded a few times.

Sat here typing on the laptop about 8' from the panel with no background noise and Sky+ paused, it is very noticeable, definitely louder than the Sky+ box if I open the cabinet door.

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