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If your AV Receiver has no HDMI inputs, then I'm afraid there is no point in sending video through it. Why would you even want to? It is not designed for it. What is this "High def converter box" that you mention?

I would simply connect any HDMI sources direct to the TV via HDMI and separately to the AV Receiver with a digital audio cable e.g. optical and digi-coax so that you hear the older lossy audio formats e.g. dolby digital and dts. It would help to know what you're trying to connect.

Your AV Receiver has 5.1 analog inputs, so if you want the latest HD audio formats, you would need a bluray player with multi-channel analogue outputs e.g. Sony BDP-S760, which is currently £99 at play.com using a discount code you get at the checkout. There is a guide for setting up a player/AV Receiver using these connections HERE

If you are short of HDMI inputs on your TV, you would need to add an HDMI switch and connect each source to the switch and then a further HDMI cable to the TV.

Please supply more details of the equipment you have, links to specs/online manuals always help.

EDIT - I was looking at your profile to see if your equipment was listed there but it wasn't and I noticed that you're in the US. Have you joined AVSForum.com? It is based on your side of the pond and therefore people there know what equipment is available etc. Model numbers and prices vary greatly between US/Canada and Europe.
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Thanks Dave.
I will be getting a Comcast High Def converter box soon. I think I will go directly to the TV from the box via an HDMI. If the converter box has optical audio out, I will then run an Optical line to the A/V Optical in. This link has other configurations as well:
wiring diagrams hookup HDTV HDMI Surround Sound digital cable
It shows addtionally sending a duplicate audio out from the tv as well, I don't know the advantage of that. Having two audio optical inputs to the A/V from the box and the tv.

This is my A/V controller:
Thanks a million Dave.


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I'm still confused as to why you have called it a converter box as I assume it's just a cable box. Yes, simply connect the HDMI to the TV and optical to your amp. No need for any other cables.

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