High def - Best Improvement - Eye Test

As the title says get yourself an eye test and see the difference it can make to what you watch.
I don't have a family history of poor eyesight whatsoever but the nature of my IT work meant i was entitled to a free eye test which picked up the fact i was a lttle bit short sighted and glasses may help with reading,night driving etc...............not everyday use but just for those things.

Well i now wear them when watching tv and in the cinema and the difference is astounding,i can see a sharpness and clarity in pictures that i never thought existed.Chances are there's lots of other people who could benefit in this way as well because believe me until you've checked you won't really get the benefit of your hd ,blu ray pictures at all.

And no i'm not on a kick back for the optician industry,surprise yourself,get an eye test and see if it makes the difference.


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Admittedly its not the most exciting thread you’ll come across and if I were reading it I may no pay much attention to it either but it’s a matter of perception and eye tests are free.
Have one and surprise yourself. I see so many people on here debating the relative merits of their high def screens without seeming to give much thought to the quality of their eyesight and how it could be improved.


Almost missed this thread


Advice is not daft.

Got a mate who is an optician, like a dentist you should be checked every 6 months.....Lot less painfull than the dentist :censored:


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All makes perfect sense :cool:

I have my eyes tested often, as my lovely optician is a sight to behold! :devil: :oops:
Very Informative Link.

Its exactly what i was trying to say,i don't wear glasses at any other time than when i'm driving at night or watching tv /cinema.
The difference it makes to the sharpness and clarity of the picture is like comparing a crt with a plasma,its that noticeable and i wouldn't have know if i hadn't got an eye test.


I wear glasses to watch normal tv and then take them off for movies and the films clarity is fantastic, there not my glasses mind.


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Good thread.

I have lense implants due to cataracts being removed. After a while my lenses started to cloud over again but I received more laser surgery and I was able to see again.

Although, this then changed the prescription for my glasses but after I bought some more (ouch) I could see again!

Makes things look a lot nicer!


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Yep, the missus has the same thing. When she watches Blu Ray she doesn't needn her glasses :)


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Being short sighted makes SD look like HD :rotfl:

In games its a free form of antialiasing :thumbsup:

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