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Discussion in 'LG TVs Forum' started by PaulPearson1975, Jul 22, 2018.

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    I've been posting in the B7 best settings thread regarding getting the brightest setting right in order to achieve true black and visible near-black. Initially I did this using a 0% black YouTube video in a completely dark room, with the on board YouTube app. I found this needed a setting of 51, which ties in with what I've read in several places that anything from 52 loses true black. I then set all inputs to 51 as a best guess.

    Last night I tried doing the same thing with other inputs. Since the PS4 has YouTube, I was able to use the same video again. What I found was that I didn't lose true black until I reached a setting of 68! This seems extremely high to me, based on any recommended settings I've seen. Can anyone explain this, or have others found the same thing?

    I tried a game which I knew to have a black title screen just to confirm, and I still had perfect black at 67. This was in game mode (which I know some people have said is dark), but switching to expert bright or dark made no difference - still perfect black at 67. However, switching to an HDR game with a black screen I found that the best setting returned to around the 50 mark, more what I expect.

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