High 1.8 Gain screen and AE100?


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Here are the details of the high gain screen from DRH - would this be OK for use with a Panasonic AE100 without the blacks completely disappearing into light grey?

I have a double coated HOYA filter in use too.

If anyone could let me know that would be very helpful.

High Gain
Reflected images enhanced 1.8 times (gain ratio1: 1.8) within a 45 degree field of view either side of screen centre and never falling below 1 where ever viewed. The gain of 1 applies from 45 degrees right round to the maximum of 90 degrees each side of screen centre.

Field of view enhancement and no "bright spotting" make the high gain the ideal fabric for home cinema and business applications. However, when viewing from extreme angles the viewer will not benefit from gain ratios above 1.

Fabric is of two-layer construction featuring embossed face sheet and glass-fibre backing guaranteeing strength and stability. The resultant "lay flat" is excellent and reassuringly thick to handle.

Technical specifications:

Weight: 18oz/yd2
Tensile Strength: MD: 47.0 lbs, TD: 49.0 yds
Thickness: 0.21
Tongue Tear: MD: 4,000 grams, TD: 8,000 grams
Fire retardancy: Conforms to US Federal test method 191
Mildew and Fungicide preservation added
Gain: 1.80


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Come on, someone has to have some information. Please, as the wife seems amenable to the idea of a new screen at the moment!



I wouldn't recommend a 1.8:1 gain screen for any digital PJ. 1.8:1 = CRT territory.

Why are you considering such a high gain? I'd recommend a nice 1 or 1.2:1 gain screen. Far better in terms of future PJ upgrades too :)

Nic Rhodes

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I wouldn't use it for CRT either, go for quality not 'quantity' every time good 1.2 to 1.3 for 'white'


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I'm not necessarily after such a high gain screen, I just wondered what it would be like.

I'm looking for a decent screen, about 6.5' - 7' wide that is a manual pull down and has black borders with a decent black border drop.

It needs to cost as close to or under £150 as possible.

There are just so many to choose from it gets a bit brain-straining!

Recommendations please, especially from personal experience of you ae100 users out there.

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