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@iFi audio which of your products would you recommend with the Edition XS please? I have a Creative G6 so looking for something that's a nice step up from that, but also a great match for the XS please. I also have some Beyer DT900 Pro X and X2 HR I would use on the stack I get.

Would people say the XS is an appreciable step up in quality from a wireless Penrose headset please? Taking first steps into £300+ arena

I may add Audeze LCD GX soon too
Thank you for tagging us! In my work setup, I'm using the HiFiMan HE400se with the Zen Signature ONE and the Zen Signature CAN HFM. I think that the dedicated filter it has does a great job. It smoothens the sound and makes it fuller in the bass. As far as I know, the Edition XS are very familiar in tuning to my 400se. So that would be my recommendation. If you don't need the functionality of the Zen One Sig, you can try the Zen DAC Sig, a product focused on USB Audio.
For other headphones, you can turn off the HFM filter to enjoy linear amplification.

I believe, that the Edition XS will be a step up from the Penrose.

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