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I am looking for an audio hard disk recorder with cd burner and I was hoping someone could confirm whether or not the Hifidelio Pro suits my needs.

Firstly I want to convert a load of vinyl to digital format.
Is this easily done at high quality?
Is there a way of editing the recording e.g. to remove leading and trailing silence?

Secondly, I want to record live dj mixes (from cdj's).
Can track markers be inserted in real time?
Can track markers be inserted after the recording has stopped?
Also, can this machine stream the live feed i.e. can it act as a pass through and stream what ever is being played through it like output from an amp without hitting its hard disk?

Thirdly, once I have recorded and saved the mixes to the hard disk (with track markings), can I then burn a cd of the mix with no gaps between tracks?
Can normal PC/data cd's be used to burn audio cd's on this machine?

I also have a load of mp3's on my PC I would like to add to the machine - is there a way to copy these onto the hard disk over the network?

I would appreciate any info anyone can share, espcially if they have used the Hifidelio in the same way I am intending to use it.

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