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Hi Everyone,

I would like some advice to improve my audio setup; currently 2 rooms in my flat have ceiling speakers wired to the utility cupboard. I have a single Sonos connect amp with a hardware duplicator/splitter thing for the signal so that the Sonos plays in both rooms (all came with the flat). It's a bit of a pain as to turn of the audio in one room or another I have to flip a switch in the cupboard, and can't have different sources in both rooms.

So I ordered the HifiBerry amp2 for the bedroom to turn it into a proper zone. Just a few questions;

In the bedroom I have an android projector and I would like the audio to go through the amp2; is that possible with bluetooth? i.e. will the amp2 also add bluetooth in to my ceiling speakers.

In the living room I would like my TV's audio to go through the ceiling speakers (if possible keeping the Sonos connect amp)... is that possible? I guess I would need 2 hifi berry setups; one to connect to the TV and one to the Sonos' analogue in?

Would the TV audio setup be easier if I just ditched Sonos all together and got another amp 2 and a another hifiberry to connect to the TV? I could probably get £200 for the connect amp so it would offset some of the hifiberry costs. Luckily there is also an ethernet connection between where the TV is and the utility cupboard, so latency should not be an issue.

I also have my turntable in the living room; is there a single hifiberry that accepts both an optical and an analogue input? Turntable out to the ceiling speakers (and the second zone) would be magical :D

To get this with Sonos it looks like I have to buy the Beam at £600, and a port for £200, and another amp for the second zone for £500, and I would be locked in a bit more so I definitely don't want to do that.

Thanks for reading.

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