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I'm currently running my Linn Ninka's bi-amped with an Arcam A75+/P80 combo , but, wish to go down the active route over the next few months. I will be needing an active tune box and have had little success in trying to source one s/h. If anyone could point me in the right direction it'd be much appreciated.


I'm thinking of replacing the amplification side with something more capable than the Arcam set up,but, I'm unsure which is the best way to go . I've been happy with the Arcam/Linn combination up to now but I'm sure there's something out there that will better it and make better use of the Ninka's capabilities.
Should I get a pre amp and a couple of power amps (Linn or otherwise) coupled with the tune box and bi-amp actively or just go for a higher powered integrated (Naim or otherwise). I have witnessed the difference extra power and control offers in going from bi-wiring to bi-amping. Is going active as measurable?

I have about £1500 available to better my hifi and would like any suggestions to make it better. My current set up is:-

Naim CD5i
Arcam A75+ integrated
Arcam P90 Power amp
Linn Ninka's

The interconnects and speaker cable are all of suitable quality so the only way now to better the performance is to replace components.
I'm not too bothered about replacing the Arcam gear as I can use the A75+/P90 combo to bi-amp my Linn Trikan centre in my HC set up.

Thankyou for any advice


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I don't know about this box you are talking about. I thought you had to use something like Linn 140 amps with the active cards.

Sell the Arcam stuff and get a preamp to put with the Linn powers.

I got mine yesterday. :)

I've not heard the Ninka passively biamped, just normally powered, and actively biamped with the 140s. There was a BIG difference in performance.

[Edit - is this what you are talking about? ]


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Yes that is thanks :smashin:

What does that pre-amp sound like?

Still haven't replaced the cd72T I see;) (by your sig)


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It's pretty good so far (improved imaging and the slight harshness in vocals with the Pioneer that had always bugged me is gone were the 1st things I noticed), but is supposed to come into its own when using balanced connections. I'll try that out on the power side tomorrow when I get my hands on my Parasound A23. I may try to pick up a CDP with balanced connections to see how much difference that makes. I've only spend a couple of hours listening so far, a full review will come in due course.

At the moment I'm running it through my 1205A, biamping my fronts. It's beautifully built, there's a real sense of quality. The remote is very nice too and just happens to control the CD72T.

The main problem at the moment is my room. It gives a peak in the bass which can make it sound bloated. Thus neither the speakers nor the Pre30 are revealing their full potential. I'll hopfully move to somewhere more suitable by the end of the year.

Back to your post, the LK140 seems to go for £380 to £500 each and I've seen active cards to go with them for about £85 IIRC. With your £1,500 and the sale of you Arcam kit that should leave enough for a good preamp. (The Primare is £1,200 new btw and not very common 2nd hand.)

Not that I put much stock in WHF reviews, but they covered it here back in 2003.

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