HiFi Rose RS201E All in One Streaming System Review & Comments


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RS201 E certainly has a crisp fresh design look to it, dare I say '70s receiver type look from the front. I may have missed it but was the headphone out performance tested as I would imagine it to be fairly capable? and could make it a deal breaker for some. Nice review.

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The idea of one big display that basically serves all the functions seems very interesting. It is surely an attractive design as well. What about the Bluetooth range? Have you checked how far can you get with your phone and how does it react to closed doors, walls etc.?


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Interesting review thank you. I’m not in the market for this, don’t have the budget either but absolutely love the screen shot with the vu meters looking like they are real, a nice touch.


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I moved away from a pretty high end stereo set up with a linn Akurate DS3 source to an all in one solution.
The biggest take away from my experience is that the source is critical to the overall sound quality. Yes the in built pre and power might be better than what I had before but the source certainly isn't
You can easily test it if you have access to a dedicated streamer, even a relatively cheap one like a bluesound was noticeably better than my Devialet 220 expert pro when hooked up to it.
However that's not the entire point as these things will always be a slight compromise at best and its that level of compromise that you're prepared to live with that counts the most. And I'm happy with my decision and I expect most people who buy a naim, nad or this one box solution will be too.
The market for this type of box is growing, hopefully you'll be able to review the linn one at some point in the future.
Nice review, thank you.


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Quite fond of the design and screen but would feel safer with dirac and if i'm not mistaken there are no sub outputs? M10 still gets my future ££

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