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I'm considering upgrading my HiFi gear which i've had for several years (~6+) and it really needs updating!

Current gear is:
- Cambridge Audio A1mk3 Amp
- Gale Sat 10 Speakers

I know, i know, quality kit

Anyway, this is connected to my media PC as the source. I think that i'd be best to first change the speakers as these are really surround speakers and have virtually no bass which can be very annoying.

The kit handles everything from TV, videos and movies to music, and has to be capable of performing well for each of these. I'd like to spend around £200 and the speakers need to be of the bookshelf variety, smaller would be good (uni student and so dont have a huge amount of space). Also ~£200 for a new amp, though this may not be purchased as the same time as the speakers).

The music that is mainly listened to is rock (eg. Foo Fighters, Audioslave, Pixies, etc...).

I've always wanted Cyrus kit, but i don't actually know anything about them, any help and suggestions would be great though :)

The kit can be new or second hand, however one should probably be new as it would be a Christmas present.

ps. I have a similar thread in 'Speakers' regarding speaker suggestions only, just incase i'm confusing you :D


Marantz make good solid bassy amps, great for rock music. My friend recently bought a marantz from ebay for about £100 and paired it with some Mission speakers for about £200. It sounds nice, plenty of warmth and punch. On the budget you state and the type of music you primarily listen to, Marantz would definitely be worth a look (or listen).


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Setting myself up for an "oh you would say that, woudln't you" spend max 200 on a s/h Musical Fidleity X80.

You won't find much better at the price, although you may prefer a different presentation. Rega Brio, for example, 200 quid no probs

As for speakers, if you were lucky you would be able to find a pair of Dynaudio Audience 42's around the 200 quid mark. Otherwise a pair of PMC TB2 would probably annoy your nieghbours sufficiently
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