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I am currently using meridian M60 active analogue speakers all round with a 565/562 combination but am considering a change to power amp/passive speakers - any suggestions other than the obvious rotel route ( contenders so far are Roksan, Myrad, Nad and Musical Fidelity) - do any members have thoughts/experiences on using hifi power amps for home cinema? ( speakers are celestion A1 front, A4 centre and A1 rears) and are there any other amps I should audition - i don't want to spend silly money and I don't mind buying in stages ( i.e. buying one set now and amother set to bi-amp later).

many thanks
In no particular order above Rotel / Arcam level look to Parasound, Bryston, Tag, Bonnec and Classe. Parasound are the best value IMHO. If you want / need t stick to Rotel level I would check out Arcam. Other may recommend Musical Fidelity but other than Nuvista / choke reg stuff I personally haven't been won over despite their claims. NAD aleays used to be piopular but personally I haven't heard any recently so can't comment.

Roksan would be the wild card choice.
Ah..... an A1 user! Another man to talk to would be mack, he has an A series array.......

I actually would disagree with the parasound for these speakers, i felt the combination came up lacking despite the credentials of the individual pieces.

Your suggestions, i reckon MF are a bad combination also. MF tends to be quite warm and full, which can exaggerate when added to the A1's. I havent heard any of the better NAD amps, the sub £500's didnt really cut it for me. Havent ever heard a roskan. I listened to a rotel 991, it also wasnt to my taste, the sound was somewhat emotionless (though an audiolab pre could have been to blame), nonetheless the combination was immensely powerful. I tried naim, linn, audiolab and i cant remember what else, none of them seemed capable of bringing the best out of the A1's. Eventually i have settles for a combo from a yugoslav company called korato. The power amp is 800 euros ex vat. You might have doubts about the credentials, but it is truly wonderful! It has power to trounce any rotel, it has control similar to tag, yet it has linn warmth when you would want it, and naim drive when necesary. It truly is the best amp i have heard. If you were a bit closer, i could have let you have a listen! If you fancy investigating, the site is www.korato.com there is a review of it and the lovely matcing tub preamp on www.tnt-audio.com the model of the power is kta100. It may have power ratings which seem quite small, but once you try and lift this monster, and once you hear it rip through something bassy and lively, you will think otherwise!

thanks gentlemen - I will add these amps to the list. Buns - I am going celestion A route as they are being discontinued - so hoping to pick up a pair of A3's and an A4C at a reasonable price. What did you reckon to the celestion series in home cinema mode? To my ears its an upgrade from the meridian M60's and almost negates the need for a subwoofer (if the A1's are anything to go by) .Nic- are there any particular Parasounds to consider ( and do i need to steer clear of the cheaper 2-channel models?).
I reckon the celestions are wonderful in cinema mode, they have enormous power as you say and give a lovely sonic picture too.

Can i suggest that the A4c is a mismatch for the rest of the system. You would be far better of using a single A1 as i do, it intergrates much better. If you do see a pair of A3 on the cheap, please do tell me about them! That is so long as there is a pair for both of us! :D

By all means, go and listen to the brand new P7 amplifier by Arcam. It is simply the best multi-channel amplfier I have ever had the pleasure to listen to... It has an extremely detailed sound with bags of transparency, so it should go well with the Celestions, especially as the P8 seems to be just a tiny bit lean sounding in the mid bass.

As far as other recommenations go, I completely agree with Nic.

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