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Question Hifi/home theater speaker recommendations - using Marantz SR6010


Novice Member
Hey guys and gals,

I'm new to the forums and hifi. I got the marantz sr 6010 when it went on sale last year. Probably over kill for my two old bose speakers and newly acquired SVS PB2000, but I'm looking to upgrade the speakers. I'm looking at 5.1 systems.

I've been looking a lot at KEF speakers and trying to decide between the Q series and R series. Its about 70% home theater and 30% music. I'm just not sure if my AVR will handle the R series for something like (or if I even need something that high range):
R500 x 2
R100 x 2
R200c x 1

For the Q series I was thinking like:
Q750 or Q950 x 2
Q350 or Q150 x 2
Q650c vs Q200c

I just don't know and there really aren't many places with both sets of speakers to try out. Please help!



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Hi Frank,

I am currently using Marantz SR 6010 as well, again bought last year too (from peter tyson). have auditioned quite a few speakers recently (on 6010), as am planning to upgrade set up.

1. First n foremost, allay your apprehensions. Marantz 6010 will drive most speakers with ease. Depends on room size & listening volumes though. For a normal sized room, and unless you listen at reference volume, 6010 will be able to drive said speakers & more.

2. Speakers I auditioned were B&W 683/CM 9, Dali Opticon 6, KEF R500/700, Monitor Audio Silver 6 etc. Best I liked were Dali, but MA stole the show with top VFM. And with movies, MA dynamics are by far better

3. If your listening split between movies/music is 70-30, don't think investing in KEF would make much sense. KEF are refined, warm & articulate (also dull). Hence, with movies KEF isn't natural choice, and most certainly not VFM at all.

4. Perhaps you'd check "Monitor Audio Silver 6AV12" 5.1 package at Peter Tyson @ 1999.
MA has excellent dynamics, and Marantz 6010 paired well in my demo. At current price, MA is unbeatable!

With KEF R-Series, you are, at least, spending 2-2.5 times. And for movies? Well, there's nothing 'musical' about bomb explosions, just as there's no absolute reference for how a missile should sound. In nutshell, movies are more about dynamics in sound pieces, than subtle nuances.
If you catch my drift!

And don't sweat, SR 6010 is perfectly ok in your case. :thumbsup:


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