Hifi & HC : High Quality \ Small AV setup for Bedroom


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Hi all

Im looking to buy a small home cinema setup with VERY good hifi
sound. At present for the lounge I have a DEnon AVC11SR and
love it to bits.

But I want something of similar build quality and beauty,
but smaller.

I would be grateful if any of you could advise me what setups to
consider. I don't really have a set budget..but the less i can spend the better ;)
but quality is very important.

I wouldn't go so far as Bose Life style"standard" or cheap as entry level
Denon AV amps as they're too big for a bedroom.

I thought of :

- Denon's mini all in one av setup ADV 1000 DVD Surround Receiver :
its looks good but i don't think it'll be multiregion and i doubt the hifi
side of it will be v.good.

- Denon's Mini Separates

AVR-F100 A/V Receiver

DVD-F100 DVD Video Player

POA-F100 Power Amplifier

What speakers book shelf speakers would be best for this?

- Sony DAV-S880


The DAV-S880 looks particular nice in the pciture, but i think Id get
bored of the long skinny speakers taking up so much vertical room.

Can you can recommend from your personal experience
an av setup inc small speakers which also does good Hifi
I hope to demo these systems in 2 weeks time.

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