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Hiding wires under carpet.. how? Help please.


I've moved my MediaPC into my under-stairs cupboard in my lounge - and now have wires going accross the floor. Ideally i'd like to hide them under the carpet, but I'm not sure whats the best method.. should I dig into the concreate? Anyone done this before and know a good way to do it? Also, how do you take up and re-lay carpet? Obviously I don't want to ruin what we have, even though its a bit grubby..

Cheers in advance.





(they go into the 'mess' cupboard... ;)



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with it crammed in there like that i would be more concerned with overheating, unless of course it is entirely water cooled.


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What kind of wires have you got there and can they be replaced with slightly longer ones? If you can, your best bet is to get the corner of the carpet up and run the wires along side the carpet grippers. You might need a carpet stretcher to put the carpet back as it was though. They're not that expensive but it's probably a bit overkill to buy one for the job.
have you not got a ps3 or 360? if not could you not go and buy a media server and be able to ditch the cables?

The 'Media PC' does more than just play vids though - it's occasionally used for games, also does my torrents, and a few other jobs. :)

cheers chaps


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Do you have underlay under the carpet? Depending on how thick it is, could you cut channels out of it to lay the wires into??


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I have run mine around the lounge today. I lifted the carpet around the gripper using a screw driver and ran the cable between the gripper and the wall. This has worked very well and us not noticable.


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There is some special skirting board that has built in cable tidey, so if you would be willing to change the skirting in that room, you could run it that way, and I have put cables under that bit in the doorway in the past with no problems.

Otherwise I would look at the underlay idea as mentioned above.

Peter Parker

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I did what Dony did - I cut out some of the underlay next to thegripper rod so there was a gap between the underlay and the gripper and ran the cables in there. That still allowed the gap between gripper rod and wall to be used fully for the carpet when it was put back into place.


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