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Hi all,

We're in the process of doing up our daughters room, and part of which is to hide a TiVo and a STB (Freeview atm, maybe changing to SkyD mirror subscription if she's lucky). Oh, and a new LCD TV. Lucky girl? I should say !!

Anyway .. the new fitted bedroom she's having leaves nowhere obvious for two boxes to be placed anywhere, and so I'm thinking of putting them in a cupboard somewhere, and looking for an IR receiver / extender / passthrough type thing. It need'nt do anything clever, just receive a signal from a remote, and pass this onto a box. I guess I'll need two, one for the TiVo and one for the STB, unless there's some clever bits n pieces around.

The only thing I can find is this sort of thing, which appears to want to plug into some form of distribution box.

Can't I just get something which is an IR receiver on one end of the cable, and at the other, something which attaches to the IR panel on the device - and the signal is simply "passed" on - in one end, and out the other.

Or is my knowledge of IR sadly lacking?

All help appriciated.



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A little thing called a PowerMid should do the job for you wirelessly.

There are several different manufacturers of these and I guess Argos will offer them.

HTH - Chris

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