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Moved into current house in August and am now in the process of renovating the lounge.
I have already installed 4 in ceiling speakers for atmos and i have 2 cables run to the corner near the ceiling behind the sofa for 5.1

I have just found a problem with the floor and had to rip it all up, and it got me thinking am I missing out by not going for 7.1, as more and more films are released in 7.1.

So I approached the subject with the other half and whilst she ultimately doesn't care too much, the idea of having speakers "half way up the wall" will look ridiculous and just wasn't going to fly.

On the right side of the MLP is a wall about 2 feet wide which is sandwiched between 2 windows.

On the left side of MLP is the end of a corner wall (living room is an L shape)

I thought about getting something like Kef T101, on the right side it wouldn't be too much of a problem as I could hide it behind a canvas painting.
on the left this wouldn't work though as you cant position a canvas right at the end/corner of a wall it would look weird.

so my questions are
is 7.1 really worth it over 5.1 ?
what options are their for hiding speakers on a wall ?
can I fit the speakers at ceiling height and angle them downwards and still have it sounding ok alongside the 4 x atmos ceiling speakers already installed ?


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No you can`t install them together with the atmos speakers on ceiling. They should be about seated ear height or slightly higher so on-wall or stand mounted.

Surround back channels should go about one meter behind the couch and then surround l/r which you have now would be each sides of listeners (not too close). See below:

Hiding speaker behind canvas painting doesn`t sound good either unless i`m missing something you meant. You don´t put anything in front of speakers. In-wall speakers are usually best option although the grilles are still visible so wife would still know there is speaker.

Stick with 5.1.4 system if it gets too tricky and the speaker placement would be compromised.
I agree with Gasp...

If you've got atmos speakers installed you need a height separation between your surrounds and atmos speakers or it won't sound right.

I wouldn't put a canvas print over a speaker either as it'll effect the sound and again better to stick to a 5.1 set up.

There are possibly options like in-wall speakers maybe / artcoustic speakers or could you get a set of MK CS speakers which sit on the floor and fire upwards. I've got a set in my system and they are amazing but rarer than hens teeth!!

Certainly go for quality over quantity so if you can't properly accommodate a 7.1 system I'd stick to a properly laid out 5.1 instead!


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Point taken on the 7.1 guys, I may run the cabling into the walls whilst the room is being stripped out "just in case" but for now I'll put the 7.1 idea on the backburner.

I have concerns over the current surrounds being mounted up high to be honest, but other half was having none of it when I explained they should be at ear height.
Are there any tricks I can pull with them to avoid issues with the atmos speakers?

Difficult to win someone over who says they cant tell the difference between the sound from a ~£3k AV setup and the built in speakers in my LG C9.

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Loudspeaker manufacturers such as DLS and Artcoutsic offer custom grille covers where you want to disguise an on-wall loudspeaker.


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