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Hello all,

I am starting work on devoting a spare room to Hifi/Tv/HC uses. I am not however going to be building a dedicated home cinema - I need to retain the ability to use the room for other purposes, if need be.

The size of the room means that all 8 speakers (7.1 arrangement) will be freestanding and not too close to the walls (minimum distance from a wall about 1 ft). Consequently, can someone please tell me what the best way of hiding the speaker cables will be? Is it OK to stick them under the carpet (which still has to be laid)? I reckon altogether I will have something like 30 metres od speaker cable to hide.

I would be grateful to receive any thoughts and ideas from someone who has done something similar.



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Yep i have just done this......


I used a drill in each of the four corners to get a cable channel where the cable was then fed though and the refilled with plaster.

The plugs are all hidden, including the main speaker plugs which are going to be accessible by plugging a banana plug though the carpet into a banana socket fitted flush to the floorboards (more pics soon).


There are numerous solutions to your problem...

Channel out cable runs on the back of the skirting (easily done with a router.

Run flat ribbon cable under the carpet

Run regular cable in the gaps between your floorboards (if you have boards thet is!)

As Mark Carline suggested you can channel directly into your walls.

If you have drywall walls you can chase cable behind them very easily (if you know where all your joists and studwork are)

I would suggest the flat ribbon cable approach for you as you are not going all out on the room and dedicating it to HC there's not much point in going to the trouble/expense of building work.

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