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Hiding Speaker Cable


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Hi guys, I really need your help with this one. Does anyone know a website or something that has a guide for hiding/tidying cables etc? I've just moved into a new house recently and I'm setting up my system including the speaker cable to be ready to connect to my 5.1 system. The speaker cable I am using is QED Micro white. Is there some kind of ducting I can buy? Unfortunately, I have several wires running from the front to the back of the house and I would love to hide them compeltely out of sight. I have a wooden floor so I can't put it under there. Any suggestions? I would really appreciate any help. Many thanks,



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Is it real wood or laminate?

If you have skirting around the room, and no obstructions ie doorways, this can be removed, and you can router a channel for cables in it (routers can be hired/borrowed/even bought reasonably cheeply).

Trunking is always an option, personally I think it looks ugly & office like though :(

Also, is it a bungalow where you could route cabling to an attic space and mount the rear channel near ceiling height?


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without sounding to hijack the thread,i am in looking for a solution for hiding cables
i am yet to have wood flooring and redecoration done
would welcome suggestions as to the best way to do so


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If you are having wood/laminate flooring installed then you will probably have to remove the skirting to fit it properly... before replacing the skirting, run your cables in the void between the wall and floor. Refit the skirting and finish of with beading... It looks a treat and is a hassle free job... Just make sure you test the gear in position before nailing every thing in position..


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Hi guys, thanks for your kind replies. I do indeed have a wooden floor and it is real. Unfortunately I don't have a Bungalow. I like the idea of removing the skirting but I think the not-so better half will have a fit. Is it really simple to remove? Do I nail it or stick it back into place? You can probably tell this is my first house :D

Thanks again folks,



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Trunking still better option if you do it behind skirting and then get a iffy wire or have more cabling to run in future you have to rip it off again trunking you dont.

Yeah trunking can be ugly in some ways but you can get different shapes and sizes now so its not that bad, offices normally use standard big bulky stuff.


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I've got cables in the walls, behind the skriting and burried in the conctret floor under the carpet.
If you do choose the skirting route I suggest screwing them to the wall instead of nails therefore if you had to revisit the cable it makes life that bit easier.

Another option is running them outside the house and then back in.


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What's under the floor ? If it's concrete then surface run is your only option. However, if it's floor boards with a half decent gap, then you have the option of drilling right into the void and running your cabling under the floor. Trick is fishing the wire out which can be a right pain - couple of tips here, drill a 'pilot' hole and shine a powerful torch down it - check you have line of sight of the beam of light/dot under the floorboards before going any further...

On the tunking front, tlc-direct.co.uk do a range of residential trunking which is a change from the usual box stuff ...

One last possible solution - what is the wooden floor laid on ? Sometimes they use that noise/heat insulation foam layer - if yes, then how about cutting a channel in that, filling it with your wires, then re lay the floor...

Removing the skirting boards WILL make a mess and more than likely remove chunks of plaster where the nails have been driven in - to hide wires IMO this is a lot of agro... Do it when you're redecorating the room with new skirting boards !

Have fun ... :)


Do you have coving ? I ran the wiring for my rears through the coving . I think there may be a piccie in the link in my sig



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Hi guys. Thanks again for the replies :thumbsup:

Sorry but my Zonealarm mail filtered this e-mail out so I haven't noticed any replies until now. Yeah I agree with Teerex. The skirting will get really messy because it is basically painted on to the plaster. I tried removing some of it but it would just require too much work put together again. I think I can get away with trunking provided the stuff tlc-direct.co.uk sells is OK. My worser half doesn't want me lifting the floor cuz we just had it put down!

I will check out tlc-direct.co.uk and post my decision here. Thanks again for your ever great replies. :smashin: :smashin: :smashin:

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