Hiding DVI / S-Video cable in the walls


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Hi all,

I've got the builders in, so seems like a good time to route some cable for the projector. I have a component cable so far. However, how do people handle S-Video and DVI?

I have faceplates on the wall and ceiling that have the phono sockets on. I can easily solder the component cable. The plates also have S-video sockets. What cable do I need to run for this? Does http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?TabID=1&criteria=Scart%20Cable&ModuleNo=293&doy=21m8 do the job? I don't know if it's 75 ohm. Or should I just buy a pre-made cable and snip the ends?

What about DVI? I can't find a DVI faceplate that fits in a UK back box. Is DVI even solderable by a human (as opposed to a machine)? If so, what cable do I need and where can I get a faceplate? If not, how do I go about this?

Hope I made sense.


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