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Hmm... I think there's a plasma missing from your picture.... ;-)

If the chimney breast is solid, there's no way you can put the cables in the wall unless you add a false front to it. Alternatively, trunking or pipes that are camouflaged to look like some sort of support - I can't no Carol Smile, but that's what I'd try!

As always, I recommend that if your putting wires behind a wall, put trunking in instead so that you can add or change the cables at a later date without taking the wall down again.

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Dr John Sim.


call the police quick its been stolen:D :D :D

b&q are selling a angle cutter/grinder with 4 1/2inch disk for £16.00 so the depth of cut will be perfect for some conuite/trunking .

cut 2 lines from where u want the wires to start and end. hack out stuff in middle put trunking and wires in and fill over.

saying this i been meaning to do this for ages
;) ;) ;)

richard plumb

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b&q also do an SDS drill for £30 which comes with a 25mm chisel attachment - also handy for that 'hacking' out moment.

I'm still not brave enough, so I've got 3 lots of 16x25mm trunking on the wall, painted the same colour. Almost looks like a support. Almost :p

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