Hiding cables - Wall plate/bind post recommendations?


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I'm having an extension, and the ceiling is currently opened out. So I want to run cables to 4 ceiling speakers and 4 rear/side speakers.

I assume, I'll need to run from the AVR to the wall plate, and connect using banana plugs.
With 8 speakers, that will be 16 plugs in total.
4 pairs of cables to the ceiling speakers
With 4 pairs going to another wall plate at the back of the room, where I can then connect in cables for the 4 rear speakers.

Is it worth fitting banana plugs, or just screw into binding posts like on the AVR?
Also what do you recommend as the plates to use. 16 connections seems like a lot, but there are 8 speakers.

Could i get something like this?

Photos attached, just bind the cables like on the AVR?


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So for every speaker, if you was to fit banana plug at each end of a run of speaker cable, then you would simply have four plugs (two positive, two negative). So the math for eight speakers would be 8x4=32. As you will not be connecting the atmos ceiling speakers with wall plate (MWP) with 16 connections. Is this right?

If this is right, then you will require 32 banana plugs and as none of these are for connecting the speakers to the wall plate. These have their own internal screws to the rear which are not on show. The 32 banana plugs are simple to connect 8 runs of speaker cable between the MWP to av receiver

The best options however which has already been mentions by @ufo550 is to use the least amount connection (join) from your speakers to the av receiver which means 16 banana plugs would be the ideal amount and you could simply use something like a storm guard brush letterbox system to hide them coming out of the wall

The other options which you might be using are four wall plates for the surrounds which will have 8 plugs, you will also have another 8 internal screw connections to the MWP. This will then have another 16 screw points before you can even think about connecting each of the 8 runs of cable from the MWP to the av receiver.

Also remember that each banana plus have its own screws to hold the wires in place meaning that you have an awful lot of joins which will reduce the quality unless you can solder then all plus if you get one or two of those cable crossed over, you will have speakers which will be out of phase if not labelled correctly. This will cause you a real headache when running the room eq system

So, I'd recommend what @ufo550 said and try not to make running cables a real headache by using a storm guard brush letterbox (hidden behind where the av receiver) with single runs of cable from each speaker to av receiver. That would give you 16 in place of using 32 or even 48 banana plugs at worst depending upon which way you go. Sorry if that seemed complicated :confused:


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Thanks for the details. I know joins aren't ideal, but I didn't think I would have a choice. And that it was good practice to terminate them like this?

AVR -> Wall Plate -> Wall plate -> Side Speaker (2x)
AVR -> Wall Plate -> Wall plate -> Rear Speaker (2x)
AVR -> Wall Plate -> Ceiling Speaker (4x)

So 3 wires to side/rear speakers, and 2 wires to ceiling speakers.
This works well, if wiring in for side & rear speakers, then only using the side speakers for now, as the others would be neatly terminated in the wall.

So at the AVR, there would be 8 speakers, so 16 binding posts.
At the back of the room, 4 speakers, so 8 binding posts.
The other 8 wires, would go directly into ceiling speakers.

Are you suggesting. Just to run the cable directly from the AVR to the speaker (via a wall opening with a brush guard, like I do for HDMI to the back of the TV)

Due to the constraints of the extension I'm having (can't move in for 2 months due to floor drying) ill have to fit the speakers in the ceiling first, wait to move in. Hook up existing kit. Then buy the AVR that supports 4 ceiling speakers in the new year. If i had a brush guard, I would have loose wires hanging out, or in the wall.

I read a few other posts, like this, and most seem happy with wall plates.



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@DarkConvict - I'm doing a similar thing to you right now and came in with the same thoughts around wanting to use speaker AV plates and wall plates etc... What products and approach did you take in the end? I'd be curious to hear.


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I installed my ATMOS and surround speakers last week and I put a wall plate in behind my AVR. I wired the other end of the cable directly in to the speakers.

I've no way of testing if the sound would be better it it was one cable the whole way but I doubt there is a difference that I would be able to hear and I thought the trade off was worth it for how much tidier a wall plate would look than a brush plate.

Mashie Saldana

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It will be absolutely fine to use wall plates, there is nothing to worry about. I even made my own ones out of plywood and female banana sockets.

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