hiding cables nightmare...


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Hi All,

I'm trying to work out the best way of hiding all my cables so that I just have plates on the skirting board and everthing can plug into them...and it is turing into a nightmare..

my biggest problem is the fact I don't want to mess with the walls too much because I'm worried about soundproofing - or more precisely losing soundproofing by trying to fix cables into the wall.
I must admit, I have no clue about building and although I am going to listen to my builder, I'd be interested to know how you lot would run the cables as you've been there, seen it and bought the t-shirt..

I basically want to connect the sub and the 5 speakers and pj to the amp - and hide the cables as much as possible.
As it is a new build and only on paper at the moment, feel free to go mad with the ideas, I can do anything as it is all in the planning stage and no-one has a hammer in their hand :)

probably the only thing of note is it will be a concrete floor.

I've enclosed a diagram of the room - well 2 as don't know which one will be viewable..

please help....:lease:



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You may get more ideas in the DIY section. If you can get your builder to put trunking or conduit into the walls. You should also search for skirting board with built in trunking. Again seen links in DIY. That way you can always take the skirting board off and change cables.


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Personally I wouldn't use any kind of connection plates/plugs/sockets in the skirtings or walls.
Ideally you want as few connections/breaks in the cables as possible; i.e. a direct connection between each piece of equipment.

Assuming you're not going to be moving your gear all the time to different locations, why would you need the ability to plug/unplug it from the wall plates?
It's just as easy to unplug speaker cable from the back of the speaker as it is from a wall plate.

So for the speakers for example, just run a cable for each speaker from the amp location to each speaker location before you plasterboard and install the skirting.
Ensure you leave a long enough tail (bit of cable hanging out of the wall) at each end to terminate and position your kit where you need it.
This thread here shows what I mean: http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=377270

For the PJ, if you're using expensive video cables, you may want to use trunking so you can remove the cables when you sell and take them with you.


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thanks all,

Brogan, first off, your place looks amazing, not just the setup but the view as well. I'm jealous of many aspects of your set up, but you seem to have a hole in the wall where you cables come out...now, if I'm going to have a whole in the wall where the cables come out...that means spiders will come out too..and all sorts of other things with more than one head and far too many legs to ever come in the 'cuddly' or 'sweet' category.

Just not sure I'd ever want to be sat in the dark watching a film knowing that at any moment, any creature inhabiting the innards of my house could come and sit next to me and eat my popcorn.
I reckon I'd need a big wardrobe in the room with lots of pairs of new trousers.

so to be honest, I know I may lose some quality by not joining the speakers to the amp directly, but if that means I don't sh*t my myself everytime I watch a film.....I think I'll accept it...


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bluesilver said:
Brogan, to my eyes, and admittedly they're not super, it looks like in the pictures the speakers connect to plates in the wall
It's actually a brush wall plate - basically the same size as a double plug socket with brush fibres glued to the back - like on a letterbox on the back of the front door.
Looks a bit better than just having a hole in the wall.

.... but if they're not, then I'm going to have a whole in the wall where the cables come out...and spiders..and all sorts of other things with more than one head and far too many legs to ever come in the 'cuddly' or 'sweet' category.
Well if your house is like most new houses then there will be wall vents anyway which will actually go all the way through to the outside - much better for letting spiders in to your lounge than a hole in a cavity wall (not many spiders live inside cavity walls).

If you don't like the idea of having large openings, just drill a very small hole in the plasterboard before you put the sheet up on the stud framing and thread the speaker cable through it.
If the hole is small enough to just let the cable through then I doubt a spider (or anything else) will be able to get through it.
A bit like I did with my ceiling mounted surround speakers - although I did drill a standard 10mm hole as I'm not that worried about spiders...

P.S. You'r not a girl are you? :D ;)


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cheers Brogan.

I will look into this - thanks very much for your help and advice.



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where spiders and creepy crawlies are concerned, yeah, I'm a big girl.:rolleyes:

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