Hiding cables in the wall for my Plasma

I want to do an easy cheap job of putting 3 cables in the wall for my PW7 plasma. I will put the Power Cable, Component cables and one JS-VGA-RGB cable in the wall.

What's the best thing to do? Should I put a male-female component cable in the wall? and a male-female VGA cable or all male/male cables? And do I need to put everything seperately in the wall or can all 3 cables go though one tube?

It will be a small job: they only will be like 20-30 inches in the wall.

What should I exactlty need and do?

This is my current setup:


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Bury trunking (larger than present needs) with a pull wire in-situ, then you can pull whatever you need through without having to rip the wall out in the future :)

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