Hiding a Plasma LCD Display

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Need some advice to solve a family dilema... :)

Basically my fathers house has a large living room, with a small television (argh), that himself and everyone else that goes there to watch football/movies wants rid of, but there is a problem, the wifey (god bless her cotton socks) of the house is adamant that she doesnt want anything larger than the 32" thats there!

Can anyone reccomend methods of hiding a large Plasma/LCD in the room either via a cabinet, but would have to be quality furniture grade (links appreaciated) or via some sort of motorised system that could spring the screen out of the wall or potentially from the floor upwards as the living room has walk under foundations as the house is built on a slope...

Any soloutions greatly appreciated as frankly a room of this size really needs a BIG screen.


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This is something we made for a customer, local furnature maker made it from photos of existing furtiture in the room then we fitted the 42" Pioneer plasma inside with lift.



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Can't you convince her how discreet a wall mounted flat panel can be? There's lots of examples on this forum of panels mounted with no cables on show etc. - even big panels can be discreet if installed carefully.


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Thanks guys some great ideas here, think a piece of furniture is order of the day, but like the picture come plasma myself, as for just a plasma on the wall this would be a real no/no :)

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