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Just returned to the forum after a long break and interested to see the recent HDTV activity, so I'm downloading a HiDef movie from usenet, you probably know which one, anyway I know this wont play on my Sigma designs Realmagic X-card since the max resolution is 720x576, so my question is:

Does anyone know of a PC card that can output at HD resolutions via componant?

p.s. I'm outputting to a 42" plasma, I'd rather not have to use the vga and fiddle about setting the resolution to 1280x720, and the DVI will only do a max resolution of 1024x768.

How's everyone else watching these HD movies/clips?


I have a radeon 9000 in my HCPC, I'm not sure if that's up to the job, do you know if it's only the AIW range that support the componant via DVI out? I spose an upgrade to a 9600 AIW might be a good idea.

The dongle looks like just what I'm after, now to try and find a UK retailer selling it!

My Plasma is a Fujitsu PDS 4242, Im using the VGA input currently for SKY+ via a scart to JS VGA convertor box, so using componant is perfect as I'm using my Denon amp to switch my DVD player and sigma card.

Thanks for the info.



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I don't think it's AIW only - I have a vanilla 9600, and it supports the option. Take a look in your driver properties pages - the one where you set monitor preferences and all that. Mine has a component out option - I guess if you have one of those, your card supports it.

If it does, try switching the VGA input on your panel to accept component (it'll be in the plasma menus somewhere if it's supported), and just plug in a VGA cable (no dongle). I guess it might just work.
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