Hidden Star Wars Film In Win Xp


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Sorry to wee on your prade but this is o l d news, iirc i may even have seen this on Win98.


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how is this for xp? and this isn't in xp, its on the internet hence why you are telnetting into server: towel.blinkenlights.nl.


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I stopped it after a couple of mins - how long does it go on for?

Surely not the whole film?


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Given that it is nearly 2007, I would at least hve expected it to be in 1080p - is this indicative of the low bitrate we are to expect from Sky's broadcast?? :rolleyes:


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I've never seen it before! Thanks :thumbsup:

I'm surprised George Lucas hasn't shut them down and demanded royalties.

sore napper

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WOW, I've never seen that before. Its just a pity that there's no sound.

I still stopped it after 2 mins, but still by far the best Easter Egg I've ever seen.


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One thing you can say about George Lucas is that he encourages fan based stuff like this
He's certinaly encouraging a lot of $$$ raising in 2007 - 30yr anniversary!

P.S. It's not an Easter Egg - you have opened up a telnet connection - port 23 to this site towel.blinkenlights.nl
... :rtfm:

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