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Hidden magnets to wall mount tablet?


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I am having a new kitchen built and was thinking about incorporating a tablet mount onto the wall. I dont really want to have anything visible on the wall itself as I dislike pretty much all the mounting options I can find. I was thinking I could do this by placing a few decentish strength magnets behind the plasterboard and then attaching thin discs of metal of the opposite pole to the back of the tablet (or case) to provide the attraction. Could then effectively attach/detach the tablet from the wall at this location without anything being visible. Could also setup more than one set of magnets in the room in different walls so that you can place the tablet at different strategic spots etc.

I then thought to make it even better to try and place a Qi wireless charging pad behind the plasterboard as well to charge up the tablet when mounted, however as far as I know there arent any tablets which actually have Qi charging built in or am I wrong? Also not sure whether the mounting magnets would adversely affect the Qi charging or indeed whether it would have the strength to charge up through a cm or two of plasterboard?

Whilst the wireless charging might be a step too far I am quite keen to know if anyone has tried anything similar or come across anything like this and to get tips if anyone has?



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Yeah, looked into that and tablets etc should be OK as there memory is solid state rather than a more 'traditional' hard drive. Might cause issue for qi wireless charging though - I can't seem to find an answer to that one!


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As long as you make sure your tablet has solid state memory and your careful where you put the magnets, it sounds like a fantastic idea.


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Thanks for the feedback - as far as i can tell doesnt seem to be something that many have tried before. I think it is at least worth giving it a go and see how I get along, will report back with what I get up to!



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I think that magnets are an ultimate solution to create a completely invisible wall mount. I will give it a try with the new Google Nexus 7!


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Capacitive Screens can react to magnets, the magnets can fool the screen into thinking there is a finger touching it somewhere. Magnets could also affect WiFi connectivity.


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Why not tile the wall and use a suction tablet mount?

As for the magnetic idea I would think fitting the tablet in a magnetic cradle would be better than "sticking" magnetic discs to it.
If putting power in to a contactless charger, how about also using electromagnets activated by the presence of the tablet/cradle.


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Check out something called Tetrax.
I use it in the car to hold a mobile in place on the vents, using magnets.

The other half is a disc stuck to the back of the case, works well and holds the phone in place without bulky mounts and the discs are pretty unobtrusive on the back of the phone.

Got mine from halfords, I'm sure you could adapt it to suit your purpose, in true Avforums McGyver style!

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