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Hi-Ti Dye Sub Printers

Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by thedoc, May 22, 2004.

  1. thedoc

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    Aug 22, 2003
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    Just a quick note for anyone interested in Dye Sub printers / printing.

    I found some excellent cheap Dye Sub's made by a company called Hi-Ti, who I'd not heard of before. Turns out they have been round for a while but only recently come to uk market. We need one for our business, so at approx. £285 for a 400 dpi model (equivalent to 6400 dpi in inkjet terms) and 31p per 4x6" image, we took a chance and bought one.


    Fantastic device, small footprint, quality IS indistinguishable from "real" 35mm processed photos (comfirmed by one of my "photographic" partners comments too). It even works standalone away from a PC if you want, with card media slots and a hand console to choose, resize, crop, and adjust your images before printing on an in built LCD screen. It even covers your photo with a glossy or matt (selectable for each photo) protective coating, to protect it from fluids, UV, smudging, handling etc.

    I researched these on the net before buying, and they seem to have a good reliability record and reviews.

    Thought I'd post this as it might be of use or interest to someone out there.

    You can see them at www.hi-ti.com

    We bought the 640PS model, and it is on that model that I base the above comments. We bought from www.systeminsight.co.uk, and the owner has experience of the products and gave good service. He even offerred (though I declined!) to send a free photo sample printed by one of the products to examine for quality.

    Hope this might be of interest to you.

    Ian Wilson

    P.S I have no connection or interest in Hi-Ti or System Insight, apart from having recently purchased and now owning the above noted printer.

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